Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Florida Morning : )

There is nothing more prettier then a Florida morning!
I have been missing so many of them because since we started homeschooling our schedule has so changed... It seems Kelly & I stay up late to maybe around 11:30 - almost 12:00 then go to bed. I get up with the dogs & my husband & son at around 5:30am. get them all off to work/school & feed the dogs ect. and then go back to bed for a while which I think has been throwing my entire day off! I get up at around 10:00am and it seems that we are always sluggish through out the day doing that. I have in the past been a morning person.....
Anyway, My guys are off on a trip up north delivering a litter of puppies - and I have been enjoying it!!!! It just seems so much less stressful it is kind of invigorating : )
Yesterday, Kelly & I went to "Cracker Day"
We so enjoyed seeing all of the horses! There were so many there - I think everyone who owned one was at "Cracker Day". Being that it was our first time there we weren't sure what time to get there or how the events were run but we followed along and had a good time - My son's girlfriend was supposta be in the barrel race but she wasn't : ( It was a very nice day for the event but not being outside for so many hours in awhile left me hot tired and getting a major headache, but we had our meal and watched a few of the events and then left. We for sure are going to put that on our calender for next year : )
Which brings me to this morning, the phone range at 7:30am - It was my husband, checking in to see how things are going. I then took my shower instead of going back to sleep and took care of all my chores. I was out walking the dog and heard a woodpecker hammering away at a tree and the roosters were crowing talking to each other it is just so peaceful in the mornings. I really have to make an effort to get Kelly & I back on a morning schedule!
I do want to mention that I a really thinking of not renewing our "Oak Meadow on line curriculum" - It is $45.00 a month and since Kelly really doesn't seem to care for it why keep going with it....
I have been reading about
& as two possible routes to take. I am just a wreak with having a 12 year old 5th grader who just might not cover all the things she needs to know!!!!!
I also took out of the library "The unschooling handbook" - I want to give that a good reading and see what that says too. My husband would NEVER go for that type of schooling but I could mix in a bit of that with these programs above.
So much to learn so little time......