Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beautiful Weather For The Last Sunday In Jan. : )

Wow, It is down right fantastic weather here today!
It really is amazing how weather can affect your being! It is sunny & getting warmer here and things are just looking so pretty. Even our back yard where the fire ruined the 2 acres is starting to look a bit better also.

Kelly & I had a better school week this week, I do have to say taking a walk just before we sit down to do some work really helps her. We are still working on modern history, We talked about the Gulf War. I remember so vividly watching the news when that took place and hearing the air-raid sirens going off and seeing the bombs from our planes just blasting that country. I have found it is harder to cover events that are so current because you know there are so many sides to each story. But I was able to get Netflix going again (They have raised their prices!) so that will help make our days work better for Kelly also.

Speaking of Kelly she decided she wanted to dye her hair. At first she wanted to go black, I was like no way! So she bought some blonde color that didn't really work that well. My daughter-in-law is going to help her fix it some time soon. She even put make-up on! She has had no interest at all in make-up in the past even tho she is going to turn 16 Fed. 19th.. I guess since we don't mingle much with other teens her age there was never the pressure to conform to what others were doing and she is just doing it when she wants to...

As for me, When I was about 13 I fell off my bike and really ruined my front tooth. Years passed and it turned black ect. and I needed to have it removed so I had to wear a plate like thing with a tooth attached to it. Yes, You guessed it the tooth broke off! I cried! You know how depressed I have been and then to top it off I have no tooth in the front of my mouth : ( Ten years ago when I got the plate it cost $300.00, We sure didn't have that kind of money to get another one. I called around and found a dentist that would try and fix it, they did! It cost $85.00 but at least I have a tooth again : )

No luck yet with my husband finding a job. My son was hoping to get him in to the store he works at since he has been promoted to a higher position but that doesn't look like it will happen. Really not sure what we will do, can't relocate - too many homes for sale already in our area. Unemployment rate in our county was at 15.6% in Dec. so there are just so many people looking for jobs that they go like hot cakes even when one becomes available. It's like being a rock in a hard place as they say!

But as I said today is a beautiful day so things are getting better : ) Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan. Is Almost Gone Already.....

Geez, The month is almost over and I have posted like once!

Kelly & I went away a few days (3 days, 2 nights) to my son & daughter-in-laws. I can not tell you how good it was to get away!!!! Since they live right across the street from the Daytona Speedway we were able to go over there for the three day testing & Pre-Season Thunder. I had a BLAST! I got to see my favorite driver Kasey Kahne! We also got a few other autographs from some other drivers. All & all a great time : )
It has been cold down here in Florida! Which has really put us in a funk again. School work has been crawling along a a snails pace! Kelly has no interest in doing any work and to be honest neither do I. We try and get at least some things done but it sure hasn't been anything worth while : ( I am sure hoping once the weather starts getting nicer our moods will change with it!
My husband has still not found any work! He runs out of unemployment next week, I don't think they are extending that any more so not sure how all that is going to go but can't worry about that - It just makes me sick with worry : (
I hope everyone is staying warm & enjoying the winter weather this year! Not!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Already....

Sunday already the weeks just fly by.
I want to thank you for the responses to my electric post, I really enjoy reading your thoughts & ideas they really help!
We are still really struggling along, It's funny how I always feel so optimistic on the weekend that I have things under control for the new school week and then wham it goes out the window....
Kelly is really interested in getting a Iguana. She has been doing alot of research on the computer about them which I have been happy to see. If it were up to Kelly we would ONLY study animals. I'm not joking you, She has no interest in anything else! We just finished another look at birds which we enjoyed. Sure is sad to see all those birds dropping out of the sky dead in many areas - What's up with that!
Anyway, Has anyone had an Iguana? Could you share any info about them with me? Our library has no books on their care and not sure if this is an animals we should get into.
Hope everyone has a Wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I had hoped to be rolling with school by now but we are still sputtering along....
Today we read our second to last chapter of Hitty, that book has taken forever! It was a good book but it has just dragged on to long for us. We will wrap that up this week to get it out of the way!
Then we worked on Electricity, I had gotten a dvd from NetFlix "Science Fundamentals: Getting - Charged", it was only 15 minutes long which Kelly was so happy about. I could tell Kelly was pretty much lost even tho it was only a few minutes long. The did a few experiments like the balloon rubbing then sticking on your shirt ect. but she was lost with the whole thing.
We then read "Science Around Us Electricity" by Darlene Stille an easy read but it still didn't make it clear for her at all. It seems when words are used like Atom, electrons ect. she just zones out instead of trying to focus in on what they are all about.
I have another dvd about Thomas Edison that I thought would tie into the electric topic. I just found out they are sending my Richard Simmons 80's Blast off excerise dvd : ( so we will have a day or so before the Edison dvd which really won't work well but it is what is it.....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011 Blogging Buddies!

Start of a New Year - Wooo Hooo!
I always love the start of a New Year with all the hope & excitment of what it could bring.
I had wanted to post yesterday with it being 1/1/11 - How cool was that! But Kelly went down to stay at my son's house so I had the whole day to myself : ) I played around all day on the computer, My computer runs windows 98 so everything I do takes forever but it was fun to just be able to spend the day reading articles ect.
One of my MAIN goals this year is to lower my food bill! I am not kidding this year I really want to get a handle on our food. We do not eat very healthy to begin with so any improvement will be helpful. Yesterday I found this fantastic website/blog:
This guy spent one dollar a day to feed himself! Now I don't want to go that low but some of his ideas are amazing! How he gets so much food for hardly any money at all. The blog posts are long but some of his thrown together food ideas look so much better then many of my meal ideas, I can't wait to try some of his simple menu tips. I am going to try his coupon ideas too, I can't print any coupons off of our computer no printer able to be hooked up to it : ( but I can buy the Sunday paper and start there.

I had another "Smile" moment, Kelly & I were watching Pawn Stars tv show. Someone brought in a Winston Churchill letter, I asked her if she remembered who he was and she did! I jumped out of my chair and hugged her. So many times I really worry nothing is getting into that cute head of hers and then I find out some of it does : ) I know I use way too many dvds in our school day but it really seems to stick so much better in her brain.

Another one of my New Years thoughts is to really try and find the positive out of things. This past year has really been a back breaker! Things are pretty bleak for the future also but I can't let that ruin every single day!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year so far! Back to the grind stone tomorrow.... Hey now that didn't sound positive. See I'm trying to catch myself hehehe!

P.S. - One more thing, I NEED to drop a boat load of pounds! I am too heavy! I have a Richard Simmons dvd coming from Netflix. I have to start out slow and I thought of his videos, I hope I can stick with it.