Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beautiful Weather For The Last Sunday In Jan. : )

Wow, It is down right fantastic weather here today!
It really is amazing how weather can affect your being! It is sunny & getting warmer here and things are just looking so pretty. Even our back yard where the fire ruined the 2 acres is starting to look a bit better also.

Kelly & I had a better school week this week, I do have to say taking a walk just before we sit down to do some work really helps her. We are still working on modern history, We talked about the Gulf War. I remember so vividly watching the news when that took place and hearing the air-raid sirens going off and seeing the bombs from our planes just blasting that country. I have found it is harder to cover events that are so current because you know there are so many sides to each story. But I was able to get Netflix going again (They have raised their prices!) so that will help make our days work better for Kelly also.

Speaking of Kelly she decided she wanted to dye her hair. At first she wanted to go black, I was like no way! So she bought some blonde color that didn't really work that well. My daughter-in-law is going to help her fix it some time soon. She even put make-up on! She has had no interest at all in make-up in the past even tho she is going to turn 16 Fed. 19th.. I guess since we don't mingle much with other teens her age there was never the pressure to conform to what others were doing and she is just doing it when she wants to...

As for me, When I was about 13 I fell off my bike and really ruined my front tooth. Years passed and it turned black ect. and I needed to have it removed so I had to wear a plate like thing with a tooth attached to it. Yes, You guessed it the tooth broke off! I cried! You know how depressed I have been and then to top it off I have no tooth in the front of my mouth : ( Ten years ago when I got the plate it cost $300.00, We sure didn't have that kind of money to get another one. I called around and found a dentist that would try and fix it, they did! It cost $85.00 but at least I have a tooth again : )

No luck yet with my husband finding a job. My son was hoping to get him in to the store he works at since he has been promoted to a higher position but that doesn't look like it will happen. Really not sure what we will do, can't relocate - too many homes for sale already in our area. Unemployment rate in our county was at 15.6% in Dec. so there are just so many people looking for jobs that they go like hot cakes even when one becomes available. It's like being a rock in a hard place as they say!

But as I said today is a beautiful day so things are getting better : ) Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

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Phyllis said...

I am envying your good weather. We still have lots of snow and down in the 30's is our high for the day.
I know about the sluggish housing market. We have been wanting to sell for a couple of years now.
Glad you have your old smile back!