Saturday, February 27, 2010

Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month, I was wondering who you all are going to learn about for this? I have Amelia Earhart (has anyone seen the new video "Amelia" with Richard Gere yet? I have it on order at Netflix but I always worry it may have love scenes ect. - I prefer Bio's but the Amelia one is not out yet), Joan of Arc, Susan B. Anthony. Any others you could suggest? I'm kinda stumped on who else to cover....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

25th Wedding Anniversay & Son Moving Out

It sure has been a crazy couple of days!
First on Feb. 23rd. my husband and I celebrated our 25th. wedding anniversay. I can't belive I have been married for 25 years.... It has been a bumpy ride and we have been at low point in our life lately but I pray better times are coming.
Second my son moved out, I feel lost without him.... it's funny I found a button we made of him when he was a little guy playing football. He was all smiles and oh so cute, seeing that button made me think really how short of a time we really have with our kids in the grand skeem of things. I pray that things work out the way he hopes. We went over to their apartment today and I hate to say but I think he has gotten him self in over his head. He has bought a big screen tv., a new couch, micro wave ect. - He has maxed out his credit card. I have told him time and time again that he has to be prepared for the unexpected and have some money put aside but he didn't listen! The cable guy was there while we were visiting, I couldn't understand one word the guy said.... He was Jamaican.
We have been trying to get the house back in some kind of order, It got ripped up with my son's packing.... Kelly moved into my son's old room. Now I don't see her either : (

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday Kelly!!!!

I don't know how it is possible but my baby turned 15 last night at 10:15pm.!
Really where do the years go....
We made this cake, she wanted a blue colored icing with chocolate cake, so we mixed in some blue food coloring in the white icing and got blue frosting.
She got a sand art kit from her brother which we are working on today... pictures of our masterpieces will be forth coming : )
We got her a cell phone, those pay as you go phones. She doesn't like to talk to her friends but she sure loves to text, So we got this plan which has unlimited texting for $20.00 a month. We also got her a video game: Twisted Metal - Black. I bought it used at Game Stop, If you are looking for games try there they have everything and cheap too!
We also had Chinese food for lunch, We haven't had it in ages and it was sooooo good! At 10:15pm last night I grabbed her and gave her big kisses, just what I did when I saw her 15 years ago.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What A Day Yesterday!

You know those days when you wake up and you think the day is going to go one way and then it goes totally off course? That was the kinds of day we had yesterday! I got us rolling on school work early, We watched a video about Germany, finished it up and then Kelly went out to feed the horses.... It all fell apart from there. Her horse Chance was down and looking terrible. We got him back up again and started him walking. It looked like he had colic, which can be really scary when horses get it. We have delt with it before but you always have that worry if they go down you won't be able to get them back up again. We were out there with him ALL day, I had a few phone calls out to a few of our horse buddies who have a shot you can give the horse but I couldn't get in touch with them. Finally at around 5 pm you could see he was looking a bit better - Thank God! I am happy to say he is back to his old self today and running my horse Roper around so we know he is felling better : )

Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day

Even though our public school was off today I figured we could do some work on Presidents Day.
We read some great books:
Don't know much about The Presidents by Kenneth Davis
What Presidents are made of by Hanoch Piven
If The Walls Could Talk: Family Life at the White House by Jane O'Connor
I was surprised at how little attention was paid to Presidents Day this year, It seems unless it can be a "buying" holiday it gets passed right over....
Anyway, we enjoyed the books and learned a few new insights on each president.

My husband still has had no luck in finding a job : ( It really is getting scarry! Once my son gets his car back, My husband says he is going to go out and talk to all the paint stores and see if he can find anything....

Friday my baby turns 15 years old!!!! I am having a tough time with knowing my baby isn't a baby anymore : ( How is it possible that Kelly is turning 15! I am a terrible mom, Here in Florida Kelly is able to get her drivers permit when she turns 15 but I told her she needs to be 16.... I think she is too young to be driving. My son didn't get his driving permit till he was 16 or 17 I can't remember - He had no interest in getting it.

Speaking of my son he is moving out on Feb. 25th., He and his girlfriend are all excited and are getting all the household items they will be needing. I know they are excited but I have such mixed emotions about it all! For sure I will be sad... I am finding it so hard letting him go.

Tomorrow we have a fractions & School House Rock: Earth dvd coming in the mail. I also have a Germany video I got from our library - We are starting that country.

Kelly still has a slight lump on her gland, She now has congestion which is turning into a nasty cold. I knew once we went into a doctors office one of us would pick up something. Anyway, I am waiting a few days to see how her cold goes. I would hate for them to put her on another 10 days of amoxicillin!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Frosty Friday : (

It is soooo dreary here!!!! It is very cold and raining : ( This morning at 3:30am I was outside taking off the "coats" I had put on the horses to keep them warm because it started to sleet/rain. The horses looked at me like what the "heck" we are freezing but I couldn't have them out there with soaked coats hanging on their backs..... I really worry about them and all the other outside animals here in Florida they just aren't used to this much cold and nasty weather day after day!

We started school early today, We watched a math dvd on long division (Kelly knows how to do division but just forgets the steps sometimes), I am ordering the entire series of this math program - the next dvd is intro. to fractions.... I should really have her do some worksheets after each step.
Then we watched a dvd on William Shakespeare, I also took out two books from the library "Bard Of Avon" by Daine Stanley and "W. Shakespeare & the Globe" by Aliki. We watched the dvd and just looked through the books (no need for over kill I figured). In the dvd they state that Shakespeare even though he was married to Anne Hathaway he most likely had a homosexual relationship with the Earl of South Hampton - Yikes!. I have Tales from Shakespeare" by Charles & Mary Lamb, I want to read a few of his works to Kelly just so she gets a feel for his writtings. I remember back in school where I had to read Hamlet, I did not enjoy one bit of it but I don't want my thoughts to persuade her judgement one way or another.
Then we went on to her favorite topic of late World War II, I read from "The Good Fight - How World War II Was Won by Stephen E. Ambrose. What a great book! It covers each battle with just the right amount of info. and it also has great pictures too. My Dad was in this war in the navy, I so wish he were alive to tell her some stories about it. He never talked much about it but he did say how he was on the boats that would drive up to the shore and let the soldiers off. He said the soldiers would be crying, not wanting to get off.... Like they say war is hell!
Then she worked on her webpage she is putting together - I figure that in as computer skills.
All in all a good day! : )
Now if if would just warm up!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


We are having cold weather here again.... : ( I can't stand cold weather!

I found this great website: It has ALOT of helpful links! I was looking over the Black History Month link and it has suggested books to read, coloring pictures, and a number of other links.

We watched a dvd from the history channel "How the Earth was Made", We thought it was very good. Of course it suggested that the earth is billions of years old... anyway we enjoyed it. I have all the rest of dvd's in this series requested from Netflix.

School work has been moving along slowly, It seems like we watch a dvd and then Kelly thinks schools over.... We have to do more work! I think she is kinds nervous because the bump on her neck is still there, it has gone down alot but still there :(
I am going to call the doctor on Monday and see what they think...

Have a great evening!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Income Tax Day.....

We went down to H & R Block and had our taxes done... at one point they thought we were going to owe $669.00! I jumped out of my chair! I was like we are below poverty level, my business had no income last year, my husband has been on unemployment for a large chunk of the year and they are saying we owe! The man reworked the numbers and we are getting back some money - Praise God! At least we are going to have something to live on for a little while at least. Do you know they charged us something like $257.00 to prepair the taxes and another $94.00 to get the check in 2 days!
I was thinking of paying off all our bills once we get the money but my husband feels we shouldn't that we need money to live on....

We didn't get to school work... I had a migraine after we got home!
I pray tomorrow is a better day!!!!!

We Have Run Out Of Unemployment

I am having a tough day already and it is only 9am.!
We found out last night that my huband is out of unemployment!!!!
We thought we had till the end of the month but thurs. check of $225.00 is going to be it. To say I am a wreak is to put it mildly! I just don't know what we are going to do..... My husband is going over to his former employer's house this morning to try and get the figures from him for our taxes, that is the only thing we can think of to get some money to work with. I thought of pawning my engagement ring but with so many already at the pawn shop I am sure the guy would only give me peanuts for it. Other then that I can't think of anything to make money off of.... We have been jams before but this one is a real doozy!
I would appreciate it if you could include us in your prayers.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Is everyone ready for football?
I am throwing some frozen pizzas in the oven for dinner and we have some smokies for snacks. I am rooting for the Saints - Go Shockey!
If you are a Nascar race fan you saw last night on the Budwiser shoot-out how windy and chilly it has been here the past few days in Florida.... It is cold again today!
We have a space shuttle going off early tomorrow morning, I think at around 4:15am. We are all looking forward to it since it will be the last "night time" launch, and they are spectacular to watch.
I have been gearing up for our school week - I found a fantastic yahoo group which has families who are also homeschooling children with learning disabilities. I know I say this every week but I really have to nail down what we are to do to keep us on task! I am sure alot of our dilly dallying is because of my not being organized.
I have placed my Netflix order for the series "How the Earth was made", and a bio on Shakespeare - I also have two library books on reserve about him to be picked up on Wed. I know it sounds like I am going dvd crazy but it really has helped with Kelly retaining the information. We are also starting a new book from Beyond Five In A Row series, "The Saturday's". Our library only has this book on cd so I went to Books A Million to see if they had it - $7.42 and I would need to wait 2 weeks for it. I think we are just going to use the cd version I know she isn't reading.... which is the whole point but night now I don't have the money to spend on a book : (
The lump is still on Kelly's neck but I think it has gone down a bit, She has 10 days of medicine and if it hasn't gone away by then we have to go back.... I pray that it just goes away.
Enjoy the game!!!!!! Go Saints!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain On The Way....

It is a gloomy looking day today, I guess it's going to rain.
I am trying to get material together for our lessons today, we have really missed a few days due to the "lump" issue and we need to get back up and running.
Would you belive I made a ham dinner last night and Kelly broke off a piece of the bad tooth that she has..... Can you belive the bad luck this child is having! She was up last night with pain, I am hoping that the pills for the neck issue will also help with the teeth issue.
I have been taking Mylanta, I think I have an ulcer..... With one kid moving out, another with a "lump" on her neck, my husband running out of unemployment and no job in sight, We can't fill out our income taxes because his former boss has not sent out the paper work we need to do it (the former boss says he is going to file for an extention) so that money we were hoping to live on once the unemployment stops will not be available has just gotten to be too much for me!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Doctors Appointment

I got up early this morning and starting calling doctor's offices, I was getting nervous when I spoke to a receptionist for one doctor who said she was also having the same trouble finding a doctor..... but I did find one - Yea!
Thank God they gave us a 10:30am. appointment, Kelly was thinking up every excuse why we couldn't go but we got there and she even saw a women doctor which helped ease some of Kelly nervous. The doctor said Kelly's glad was swollen & she has a soar throat. She gave her amoxicillin for 10 days and if the lump doesn't go away she is to come back. The doctor was very quick and hardly looked her over but I pray that this will do the trick and the lump will be gone in a few days. I thought it very interesting how the doctor uses a little hand held device to send the prescription right over to the pharmacy, no paper work at all....
I have to tell you a funny story, I was so worried I went out of the house this morning to the doctors office without make-up! I NEVER go out without some kind of make-up on.... I was just so focused on getting Kelly there that I totally forgot about it : )
We are taking the day off from school today to much stress.......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good Thoughts & Prayers Please....

I would like to ask my blogging buddies if you could add us to your good thoughts & prayers list, I would appreciate it!
Last night Kelly found a bump/lump on her neck, it just popped up out of no where. It has me worried because you can see it when she turns her head, its not very large but still.... I have been on the phone with medicaid all day today trying to nail down that Kelly is covered so we can go to the doctors to get it checked out. I got such a run around each company saying one thing and then getting another answer from another. I am just going to start calling doctors around here tomorrow to see if I can find one that will take her medicaid card... Please keep Kelly in your thoughts please, It has her really worried : (

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DVD Crazy....

It rained all last night so this morning was slow starting....
We watched a dvd called No Impact Man its about a family who for a year tries to cause no harm to the earth. It was interesting but they do use the "F" word. Have you noticed how that word is now apart of so many peoples vocabulary? I know in my own house my husband and son use it "alot". I find it so degrading and not respectful when people use it infront of others.... but back to the dvd it really did show how we use so many products with so much over packaging which leads to so much more garbage. Kelly seemed bored by it all, I had hoped she would find it interesting ad we could go into recycling ect. but not sure if we will go any further with that topic.
As for World War II, Kelly really loves her wars! She was interested in the Civil War and now this war has caught her attention. Hitler has been the main topic for days now, she finds him very interesting how he could lead so many to do so many terrible things. Tomorrow we are going to watch a dvd about Anne Frank, and I ordered The Sound Of Music to view later on. The library has a book I ordered ready for tomorrow so things are moving along....