Thursday, March 20, 2008

Haven't posted in awhile but I am still gripping : (

I haven't posted in awhile, It's just been one of those months.... We have had happy things happen and sad things happen. One of the happy things is Roper my new horse is working out okay we have had a few episodes but mostly enjoying each other. One of the sad things is last night yet again my husband and I are at odds with each other, We were talking about my dog breeding business. He has no respect that I do WORK from home. It all started when I asked him to bring home chicken patties & potato salad, He said "Another night of not cooking me dinner" (I had gotten a pizza last night because I was at the vet's office losing a puppy and almost losing one of my adult girls in the process). I asked why do I always have to do all the cooking, He said if I worked 40 hours away from home like he does we would then be the same but since I am home I should be required to do the cooking, cleaning, washing the clothes, taking out the trash ect. I mentioned if I got a job outside the home I wouldn't be able to homeschool Kelly - He said "She can go back to regular school, She might be better off". It is sad to relize that after 23 years of marriage my husband has so little respect for me or the things I do........
Anyway, As for school Kelly and I have been discussing what we would like to do for next year - 7th grade. I asked her if she would like to go back to regular school she said no. I really feel we need more a of a curriculum driven schedule then what we did this year - I am looking again at Oak Meadow. I am thinking we could use that as a base and go off from there if need be.
Off to start another day.......

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Working World Today : (

I was at my vet's office on Sat. with the puppies that will be going to their forever homes next week. While I was there I was talking to the staff about one of the gals who was a wonderful vet tech., this women had worked there for many years, she would also come in to assist with late night emergencys, they would call her during her vacations to ask questions ect. As you can see this women was a vital asset to this business and it's patients. They said that the vet who owns the business would not give this gal a raise, she left and went to "The Gap" clothing store and is making more money and has health benifits then when she was a vet. tech.... This really struck a cord with me that a women who has spent years at one job becoming the "go to person" for everyone and their questions, being able to handle emergency situations, knowing the medications and dosages ect. is just tossed aside by a business for which she gave her all to and then for this women to find a job at a clothing store which needs no training at all and is making more money & now has health benifits for her family.... It just blows my mind.
This worries me because at this point in her life Kelly wants to be a horse tech assistant / Horse trainer. I know it's early in her life and things may change but she is a natural with animals and it would be a great choice for her. I have asked her her thoughts on going to college and she really doesn't want to. I was reading a great post at Mother Crone's Blog about a number of homeschoolers who send their children back to public school when they enter 9th grade - That is my husbands plan for Kelly. I wonder if she goes the GED route if that would affect her in the future instead of a public school diploma. Can you tell I am in the "butterflies in the stomach" area of homeschooling again for some reason!