Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No One Way Is The Right Way....

A week has gone by already since my last post : (
The baby chicks are doing very well, they are in my laundry room and aren't all that noisy. I need to find an bigger area for them as they are getting bigger by the minute....
It has been very very hot here & smokey from the many fires in our area, which has made it really hard to sleep at night and at times even to be able to just think straight let alone do school work. So we have not be progressing along as I had hoped : ( I am getting a couple of copies of "The Swiss Family Robinson" book out from the library, that is going to be our next reading story. Kelly has never read it before and to be honest I don't think I have either (I've seen the movie) an it kinda ties right into my going back to nature mode I am in lately see: My MidLife "Green" Crisis. I also found a simple unit study to go with the book at Easy Fun School which we will use while readng the book.
My librarians are all giving me the "look" when I go in lately, I have been getting a ton of books out on recycling, vegetarian cooking, farming, gardening, chemicals that are in our food and in our every day lives, the list goes on and on.... Just this past friday my husband went in to pick up my next set of books and the librarian joked with him saying looks like you are now going Amish because I got out "Plain and Simple" by Sue Bender : ) Jessica over at Teachable Moments had mentioned this book and I just had to get it. You can read her thoughts on the book at the above link. I really liked it! One thing that really hit a cord with me is when the author mentiones that the mom in the one Amish family never does anything out of the ordinary which made me think of my mom. My mom never had any hobbies, never read any books (she would read the local community paper that came out onces a week), she never showed any interests in a sports team, or music ect. which now I find very odd. Back then I never seemed to notice that she just expressed herself thru her cooking, cleaning, taking care of her family which she did wonderful I might add. Reading that book brought to my attention how different we all experience the world we live in and no one way is the "right" way. One thing for sure my kids know their mother's likes and dislikes I could not be further from my mom on that subject! My family these days just roll their eyes at me, and I LOVE it!!!
Enjoy the day!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Chicks!!!

Here are pictures of our new baby chicks!!! Aren't they the cutest!
They all seem to be doing great so far, they eat & drink alot so I feel like they are settling in really well.
I can't wait to get some fresh eggs from these girls : )
Who knows what's next for us & My MidLife "Green" Crisis!

We are having to deal with alot of fires in our area! One fire is about 5 miles away from us that has gotten to about 3,ooo acres. It is located out in a wooded/swampy area so it is very hard for the fire dept. to get a handle on it. There are a number of other fires burning also which is very scary since we are soooo dry here and no rain is sight : (

Kelly went down to her brothers for a few days to spend some time with him & my daughter-in-law. it is so good for her to get away for a few days, It just isn't healthy to be in the same spot day after day....

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time for Re-Enrollment...

Well it's time again for re-enrollment for Kelly's next school year.... Yikes! Doesn't time just fly by now a days????? I have to get paper work filled out for the next year and paper work filled out for the past year which is hard since we don't do grading/GPA's and we are using more of an unschooling approach for her learning. I am waiting back on an e-mail from our district rep. to see what I should do on that matter. We aren't really stopping for a school break this year, We are just going to keep going at our snails pace.
It has been sooooo darn hot here we don't want to be outside anyway! We can't even go for our walks. It has just been too hot & the knats are terrible in my area. We also are having a ton of fires all around us, none have gotten to close yet Thank Goodness!
Hope everyone has a Wonderful Day!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunny & Hot Sunday

Here we are at Sunday already! The weeks sure are just flying by.... June has been sooo hot already and we are only 5 days into the month : (
Jessica over at "Teacing Moments" mentioned how we just naturally pass on our interests to our children and turn them into a learning lesson, That is sooo true!
I have been just crazy with my new interests and trying to get Kelly interested in all of it, She is starting to get sick of it all : ( I was really hoping she would grab on to all these changes I am making & hoping to make and run with it but it doesn't look like it at this point.
One of the exciting things is we are going to get a few more baby chicks : ) I know we already have a number of roosters & a few hens so way so excited? I am going to raise them away from the roosters so we can get some eggs! We always hated to eat any of the eggs our hens layed because we were always thinking there was a possibilty of it being a baby chick.... I know we are nuts! One time we found an egg with a growing baby inside that had gotten cracked and that did us in. So no doubt we will be learning alot about chickens as one of our school lessons.
I'm reading a really interesting book "Natural Energy Booster", I need to take notes as I am reading it on all the suggestions they mention. I will update as I read more.
Have a great Sunday & Stay cool : )