Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day Of May 2012

Here we are at May 31st. already!
We have been having internet trouble this past week. Okay, I have to say I was "almost" as bad as Kelly whining about no service. It would go on and then off which was so annoying. The Brighhouse cable guy came out both Tues. & yesterday and worked on it so hopefully we are back up and running.... Thank Goodness because Kelly had a glazed look in here eyes since she couldn't play World of WarCraft with her buddies, not sure where that was leading : )
I have been doing some work on my Blog changing everything over to the 2012-2013 school year. Since we are not stopping this year for any summer vacation time I figured we will just start our new school year right after June 6th. that's when our public school ends their school year.
Kelly just normally sleeps till noon every day, I have to go in and wake her up so not sure really how late she would sleep to. This is her normal schdule even before her new trend of staying up late with her computer buddies playing World of WarCraft. We get to school work as soon as she has her "coffee" a can of diet soda and wakes up a bit. This of course gives us no time to ride the horses : ( It is getting so hot already here that if we want to ride them at all we need to get out in the early AM which just isn't in Kelly's DNA. I have always been a morning person I LOVE getting an early start to the day, so it is hard to deal with Kelly being a night person but it is what it is as they say.
Call me crazy, but I am looking forward to getting a new school year going : )
Hope everyone has a wonderful last day of May 2012!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Garage Sales : )

My daugher-in-law and I went garage sale hunting today. This is the first time in many years that I have gone to garage sales, I had forgotten how much I enjoy it : ) When I was younger my aunt, my mother & I would go every Sat. morning, I was collecting odd shaped candles back then and would only buy if I found one or a treasure. Today brought back so many memories of those carefree days it felt GREAT! We got off to a slow start this morning but then stated hitting some goodies, My daughter-in-law bought a number of Christmas decorations, hanging plants and a beautiful glass table & chairs that will fit into their kitchen area just perfect. I bought two Magic School Bus books (.50 cents each), 16 Kids Discover magazines (.05 cents each), three movies for the VCR ($1.00 each) and 3 huge material bags for when I go to the grocery store so I don't have to use plastic bags (.25 cents each). I was so happy with my finds and I enjoyed my time away from the house, Can't get any better than that!
Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend : )
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

All Moved In Already : )

Kelly & I went over to my son & daughter-in-laws house yesterday for Annie's birthday, I can't belive Annie has the whole house decorated already!! Everything is out of the moving boxes and put in it's place, all in just a week of moving into the place! Eight years later and I still have boxes we moved with that haven't been opened yet... this girl is amazing : ) She is now tackling the outside planting flowers and pulling weeds. They sure have it soooo cute and relaxing, I LOVE it there!

God Bless this home : )

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Bit On The Disappointed Side Of Things Today

Feeling a bit down today because of something Kelly said..... We were talking and I asked her "What was the name of the blind & deaf girl we watched the dvd about"? She did not know : (  This is the kinda thing that I deal with, She retains the bulk of what we are learning about but not the details like names and dates ect. To be honest with you I was really disappointed and felt really deflated. Now if I were to go and get more books out of the library to go over the Helen Keller story to try and hammer in the info. into Kelly's head, She would pull a fit saying we have already learned about her lets not beat the topic to death. I have read where you need to see something a number of times for it to stick in your memory so maybe if I get a white board and write the "Topics" of the week on it and she sees it each day maybe then info. like Helen's name might stick in her brain a bit better. Do you all have any tips or ideas I could use?
Speaking of Kelly she has a new addiction! I really mean it, this child is now addicted 24/7 to "World of Warcraft". She plays that game non stop, every time she is on the computer that game is on. Her online friends are all on there and they meet up in the game and fight things.... She has even gotten my daughter-in-law into it! You have to buy upgrades to level up your player and the real kicker is you have to PAY each month ($15.00) to play on line. It all seems crazy to me!! I'm thinking of ways to work her needing $15.00 each month into her doing more school work without the moaning and groaning.
Anyway, We will be motoring along with our school work this summer. We are NOT taking off for any summer vacation time. I'm hoping to get back into our more normal pace of things now that my son & daughter-in-law are all snug as bugs into their new home and loving it! Whoo Hooo!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bird's Nest - Oh My : )

Today I found a bird nest in my dryer vent! Since the episode with the mouse/rat who tore open the vent hose I haven't been using the dyer and sure enough a mommy bird decide to use it for her nest : )  Can you see the baby in the second picture? I have seen a least two babies but it is hard to really tell they are in such a small space. I wonder how she will be able to feed them once they get a bit bigger....
Nature sure is amazing : )
Until Next Time God Bless!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Miracle Worker & It's Official : )

As part of our "Eye" study we watched the "Miracle Worker" I don't know how it is possible, but I have never seen this movie before. Let me just say Kelly & I were blown away by it! It was alittle over acted in parts, but it sure kept us watching. Kelly said " I don't usually like emotional movies, but this one was good I liked it"! I have not seen any of the other versions either of this movie but this one was REALLY good I highly recommend it to everyone : )

Well it is official, My son & daughter-in-law are now first time home owners!! They had the closing today and they are happy as two peas in a pod : ) Today is also their 3rd Wedding Anniversay, What a great Anniversay present for the both of them I say.....

Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Day Is All Mine : )

Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!!!
I am home alone today, Kelly went to spend sometime with my daughter-in-law & son helping them get ready to move on Tues. (their closing on the house is at 8am).
I've been working on a timeline to go with our Mystery of History vol 1 studies, we didn't do the timeline or the memory cards when we started this curriculum and what a mistake that has been! We are both geting so mixed up on who is who, So I thought it best to do a quick timeline and jot down some notes on each topic we have covered so far.
We really enjoyed the entire dvd series of "Jacob's Ladder", Let's just say the electric went out for a few minutes and Kelly jumped out of her chair as soon as the power came back on and got the movie going again.... Now that's sayin something : )
Have you noticed how many "hot" topics of late have been in the news, breast feeding an almost 4 year old, same sex marriages ect. Even on facebook a gal started in that she feels teaching your kid to can fruits & veg. isn't schooling... What do kids REALLY need to know now a days????? I struggle with this often. Is it more important to cover topics that they will face out in the real world or for example things like forms of math you may never use in your life time. How much of the stuff you were taught in school have you really ever used???? I guess that's the beauty of homeschooling you can go in the direction you feel is best for you & your child, but DAM it sure can be mind blowing sometimes : )
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Too Hot Already : (

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile it has just been so darn HOT here!! We had no airconditioner so it was dreadful in the afternoon just when we were getting ready to do our school work : (  Last night we went out and bought one from Lowes $400.00!! Yikes!! I really hated to have to buy one but it is only May and we were roasting every day. It was the biggest model we could get that had out type of plug I figured it would at least cool off the living/kitchen area and that beast was heavy to carry into the house.... Well I hate it! I am so disappointed in it : (  For $400.00 I was expecting a power house and this thing is like a whimp not much power and cooling is okay, I was hoping for greatness and only got okay. To tell you the truth if I could of hauled that beast out of the window myself it would have went back to the store but needless to say my husband got it in there and it is staying.
On to other news my son got another promotion!! He is now going to be in charge of 30 people and have a number of very important tasks to do during the day, he also get's a nice pay raise. I am so very proud of him, he has only been working at the store for roughly 2 years! The closing on their house is set for May 15th., a new home & a promotion life is good for them - Praise God!!
Kelly has lost all her umph to learn to drive again : ( I'm not sure what caused it but it might have been that her car was acting up the gas gage even when you had gas in it would just shoot to empty and the light would go on so you never knew how much gas you really had.... then the engine light went on so I took it back to the car repair place we bought it from. It had no warranty or anything (that's the chances you take buying used) but the guy was nice and did the repairs for only the cost of the parts no labor. I am hoping today we just take the written test on the computer and see how she does and maybe once she has her actual permit and gets out on the road she will get the driving mojo back.
My husband is still working. Everyday can be a swallow the tears kinda day if I let it be... but I really try and not let things pull me down. This past Sat. he left for work at 6:30am and didn't come home until 8:30pm that night, no call or anything. He said he was playing golf with a few of the guys from work, then last night he said in passing that he hasn't golfed in over a week and a half.... I questioned him on it and he mubbled something and tried to let it drop that I had caught him in a lie. Like I said I swallow alot of tears some days : (
Until Next Time - God Bless!!