Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Back.......

Hello there Blogging buddies!
I sure have missed all of you! It was hard to keep up with my limited time on the library computer.

To say things are still a whirl wind here would not express it enough. My son bought an engagment ring for his girlfriend, they plan on getting married early next spring... Plans were for him to take one of our acres here and put a mobile home on it but as things go here the county is now saying we may not be able to divide our property, We will see how that turns out.

Kelly has been so lost without the internet, homeschooling has come to a stand still : ( Since my husband got laid off Feb. 2nd. we have only done a little here an little there. It just seems like one problem after another came up and my day was taken up by that. We are terrible behind! To top it off, now that we got the internet turned back on she wants a day to get caught up with all her buddies. I hope to get back to homeschooling business this week!

My husband has a possible job on the horizion, It's the kind where he will be in Florida for three months or so and then they will move on to say South Carolina for the next job not the best but he has to take what he can. We STILL never got food stamps, they denied my first claim because they said I did not get the correct paper work in even though the gal I spoked to told me exactly what to bring in, I was at that office every other day on the phone with this person and that explaining everything but they still said no.... We have tried again putting in a new claim, I sure hope it goes through this time. It was pretty sad having hot dogs for Easter dinner - But I have to look at it like at least we had hot dogs....

As for me, I have been pretty frazzled with everything. Most days I don't have enough energy to get through it all but some how I do. Being that Kelly and I were at the library every other day, I got hooked on the Twilight series of books! I have been flying through them and really enjoying them. I jumped from book one to three because it wasn't in and I couldn't wait. I'm reading book two now and am on the waiting list for book four. For some reason I am captivated by these books. We have no tv., at first I really missed it but now I couldn't care or less. It is hard not knowing the weather, We get some nasty thunder and lightning storms ect. (we don't have a radio either). But one good thing I don't see all of the bad stuff that is going on either. We had no phone either for awhile which I have to say I loved, We now got one of those pre-pay cell phones which works okay. I am sure the few family memebers who may be looking for us are wondering where the heck we are...

Well I look forward to getting caught back up with all of you : )
Have a great day!!!!!