Friday, October 29, 2010

Woo Hoo It's Friday!!!

I just LOVE Fridays!!!!
Being a Nascar nut, It starts the race weeked off which is always a good thing : )
My day is going GREAT so far : )
My favorite race driver Kasey Kahne looks really fast - Woo Hoo! I love this weeks race at Talladega, It has such great racing there.
Then I also got a call from the library and they found the three books that were missing! Another Woo Hoo!
I took Jennifer's advice from Toad Haven and packed in school for this week, I was just to flabbergasted with everything and I am really happy I did it really helped shake out the cobwebs I was having....
Kelly took the time off and went down to Daytona Beach to spend a few days with my son & daughter-in-law, She always comes back from there refreshed.
My husband has been out of the house today which has left me to enjoy the day by myself which I am loving... : ) It really is good to be alone sometimes.
Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Library Problems - What Would You Do?

I have a question for you all....
To top off my crappy week already (It's only tues..) my library is telling me that they do not have three of the books that I took out & returned!
What would you do if you know that you returned them? Have any ideas for me?
I have asked if they have cameras in the library to see if we can check that (haven't heard back from them yet) because I know roughly when we finished that unit study (back on Sept. 17th.).
I have doubled checked my house and car just to make sure but I really can see myself dropping off the books. The problem is that I had these books transfered from the main library and there is only one librarian at my library do to budget cuts and she has to handle everything that goes on. I'm not sure what happened to the books, they got misplaced or taken by someone by mistake when they checked theirs out since check-in & take-out is in the same area.... All I know is that I can't afford to have to pay for those books. It really would be a mess if I can no longer take books out : (

I wanted to give a big Hugs & Thanks to all who have responded to my past post - It really helps : )

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Blues...

I can't belive a week has passed since I last posted...
Things have not gone as I had planned (Do they ever...), We have been side tracked with a number of things that have been happening around our house this past week. First my drunk neighbor was screaming she was going to call the animal control office again on us (She was sitting out on her porch at 8:30pm and my dog was barking because a rabbit was in our driveway) My husband went out as soon as he could and got him but that set her off, So we had to deal with that stress of not knowing if she had called and were we going to have another visit from the animal control people : (
Then one of the homes in our area caught on fire and burned down, everyone got out okay. Pretty much where we live by the time the fire dept. gets out here the mobile homes are too far gone for them to save anything. I wrote down our watching the fire dept. tackle the fire as as school related outing since we just visited the fire house and saw all the tools & equipment they used for fighting the fire and we got to see them in use...
Just really having the blues lately not sure why but just can't seem to focus on anything any more... It might be because come Nov. my husband has been unemployed for a whole year! Yikes! Or maybe because the holidays are coming again... they sure do seem to roll around fast : (
I just hope I shake this feeling soon, I am sick of myself so I know everyone else must be sick of me too!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jury Duty

Jury Duty went well yesterday. We all did alot of sitting around doing nothing for a few hours then the gal came in and said that the two cases were resolved without a jury and we all could go home - Yea! I was kinda looking forward to getting on a case since the judge said that both cases were only going to be two days long.
When I got home I could feel a migraine coming on which is never a good thing for me... I threw in a frozen pizza, walked the dogs, feed the horses/goats and then took a couple of Advils and layed down for a few hours. I woke up still not right but you know how it is a mothers job is never done, I still needed to feed the dogs, do dishes ect. ect. ect.....
Today I had to run down to town, which I hate doing during the school week! I got home and Kelly & I took a walk to try and get us motivated and energised - It didn't really help we watched a dvd which had mostly nothing to do with our schooling,
"Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief". It was a good movie we enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I am determined to get some schooling done and NOT leave this house! : )

Friday, October 15, 2010

Half Way Thru October Already!

We have been having just perfect weather here, but no rain which could cause big problems down the road....

Anyway, School has been going slow but okay I guess. We did get a ton of books from the library about career choices. Kelly has been trying to rack her brain for some ideas on what she could do for a living in the future. She does not want to go to college but does want to make enough money so she can live on her own. This has really opened up a great line of learning/teaching for the both of us. Kelly turns 16 in Feb. and she wants to get her drivers license and a part time job - The sad part is that there just is no jobs available, adults are taking the jobs kids used to grab : (
Time will tell how that goes.... I just enjoy seeing how she is really looking into all areas needed to be out on her own and how much it really is going to cost out in the real world as they say. It doesn't hurt that she see her brother and his wife even with two salaries having a hard time staying afloat.

I wanted to mention how upset I am with myself.... I was doing so good with staying away from cookies & ice cream - I hadn't had any in months then all of a sudden I went beserk! I have been getting nasty headaches but still am eating them : (
I think it might be because I am nervous about going to jury duty on Monday but what ever the reason I am really sad I am back to my old ways!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emergency Services Tour

Our homeschooling group went on a tour of our Emergency Services building. The "control" room is amazing! Kelly was in heaven in there, you can see from the picture above how many laptop computers they have there (since hers died she has been in withdrawls). It sure looks like they have everything under control in there - Hopefully we won't need it......
We also had a great demonstration by our fire dept., they had a fireman dress up in his gear with the 80lb. air tanks on and all. Fireman really need to be in shape to be able to wear all that heavy gear plus any equipment they need and not to mention having to drag out any people from the fire. Most all of our fireman are also EMTs which is wonderful to know. Since this was one of the first homeschooling tours that our group was made up of different age brackets - Ours was 9yrs. old thru teens, I found it worked out better for us. I asked questions on what requirements are need to become a fireman (Kelly had tossed that idea around for awhile).
This was one of the few homeschool outings we went on and we meet a couple of new girls that are Kelly's age. They seemed really nice (for 15 year olds), Kelly barely gave them eye contact : ( Here I was talking shoes and driving with the girls and Kelly is next to me playing with her camera. It is not so much that she is shy (which she is), but she really just doesn't want to make any friends - Isn't that kinda weird? She says she has no interest in these girls what so ever so why talk to them : ( I really hope to go on some more outings - I unlike Kelly enjoy talking to new people young and old alike.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wings Over Waves

We went to an air show down at Daytona Beach called Wings over Waves on Sat. it was great! The sky was just perfectly clear to be able to see everything : ) I was amazed at the "Raptor", it is soooo loud & fast. It really is something to see the planes our country uses in war these days - Just amazing & very patriotic! We all got sunburns standing out there for hours by the ocean but it was a really nice day. I also enjoyed watching all the the different people - I could not belive how many people had tattoos... tons of people, both women & men.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Peek-A-Boo Opossum & Scarry Scorpions

It has just been like a animal nature study every day around here.... First the scorpions & spiders and now we have a young opossum running around our front yard last night, He is just the cutest!
Kelly put the light on and saw he moving about, he is pretty small so I think he may be just going out on his own. I was worried because he was venturing towards the horse pen and he isn't the fastest animal on the planet.... but he then moved to under the house so he is still safe. Of course no learning opportunity goes un-noticed here, hehehe I got a opossum book from the library for further research on our new guest : )
As far as the scorpion, Jennifer from Toad Haven posted: "Do you know that scorpions glow under UV light? If you have a ultraviolet light of some sort you can search for him tonight". Unfortunatly we don't have any UV lights but we did see a little bit smaller scorpion which came out of the same area as the larger one. Not sure if this was a baby or possible the male but I flipped out thinking my kitchen sink area is now a scorpion homestead. I smushed the smaller one but the large one is still on the lame : (

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Beautiful Weather!!!!!!

Today here in Florida is one of those days my grandma would say "It's good to be alive" days! Crisp and cool in the morning, warm but not to hot in the afternoon - Love it! I feel so much more alive during this weather : ) Now if I only had the energy to back that up, hehehehe.
We took the horses out for a stroll which is always fun and an adventure. Kelly & her horse Chance work well together, Roper my horse tells me what we are going to do - Not good when you are riding an animal over a 1,200 lbs.. Kelly get's so mad at me for not having the proper control over my horse : (
We did some school work today after we had taken a walk - That made the work seem easier, might try that more often.
I was doing the dishes and saw a large scorpion crawling by the sink (the biggest one I have seems since we have been down here). Being the animal nut that I am I tried to use a spatula to flip it out the kitchen window but it got away and is now running behind my sink - Nightmares here we come tonight!!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October 1st.!!!!!!!

Here are a few example pictures I found on the computer of the birds we are taking care of, All three are so beautiful! The bird baby-sitting is going well : )
We had our hands full yesterday.... My horse Roper had issues again. He kept laying down which is never a good sign for a horse. We think his stomach was turning again, we had to walk him and walk him for hours. I just hate it when he gives me those sad eyes when he isn't feeling well. He is better today and doing just fine, not sure why he keeps having this issue.
Okay are you sitting down.... Kelly took a Saxon Math book into her room on her own and did some math work from it! I was shocked when she showed me : )
School work has been going very slow, Mostly because of me - I layed down for a nap today and slept for almost 3 hours! Yikes!
I can't belive it is October 1st. already! I got a letter in the mail telling me I have juror duty. I go on October 18th., I am looking forward to it - I have never been on a jury before. They pay you $15.00 for the day, It is going to cost me about $10.00 in gas a day to get down there. They also stated that you should have nice clothes on... Yikes! I only own one pair of pants and that is a pair of faded jeans & sneakers (maybe they won't pick me because of my clothes and I can go home...)
Hope everyone is enjoying the start of October!