Friday, October 15, 2010

Half Way Thru October Already!

We have been having just perfect weather here, but no rain which could cause big problems down the road....

Anyway, School has been going slow but okay I guess. We did get a ton of books from the library about career choices. Kelly has been trying to rack her brain for some ideas on what she could do for a living in the future. She does not want to go to college but does want to make enough money so she can live on her own. This has really opened up a great line of learning/teaching for the both of us. Kelly turns 16 in Feb. and she wants to get her drivers license and a part time job - The sad part is that there just is no jobs available, adults are taking the jobs kids used to grab : (
Time will tell how that goes.... I just enjoy seeing how she is really looking into all areas needed to be out on her own and how much it really is going to cost out in the real world as they say. It doesn't hurt that she see her brother and his wife even with two salaries having a hard time staying afloat.

I wanted to mention how upset I am with myself.... I was doing so good with staying away from cookies & ice cream - I hadn't had any in months then all of a sudden I went beserk! I have been getting nasty headaches but still am eating them : (
I think it might be because I am nervous about going to jury duty on Monday but what ever the reason I am really sad I am back to my old ways!

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Phyllis said...

Katie is still trying to figure out what she is doing. :0
Sounds like you and Kelly are planning well.