Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Beautiful Weather!!!!!!

Today here in Florida is one of those days my grandma would say "It's good to be alive" days! Crisp and cool in the morning, warm but not to hot in the afternoon - Love it! I feel so much more alive during this weather : ) Now if I only had the energy to back that up, hehehehe.
We took the horses out for a stroll which is always fun and an adventure. Kelly & her horse Chance work well together, Roper my horse tells me what we are going to do - Not good when you are riding an animal over a 1,200 lbs.. Kelly get's so mad at me for not having the proper control over my horse : (
We did some school work today after we had taken a walk - That made the work seem easier, might try that more often.
I was doing the dishes and saw a large scorpion crawling by the sink (the biggest one I have seems since we have been down here). Being the animal nut that I am I tried to use a spatula to flip it out the kitchen window but it got away and is now running behind my sink - Nightmares here we come tonight!!!!!


Fatcat said...

I've always thought I'd like to live in Florida, but I was not aware of the scorpions!

I'm jealous of you all getting to ride horses. I'd love to be able to do that every now and then.

Jennifer said...

Do you know that scorpions glow under UV light? If you have a ultraviolet light of some sort you can search for him tonight.