Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October 1st.!!!!!!!

Here are a few example pictures I found on the computer of the birds we are taking care of, All three are so beautiful! The bird baby-sitting is going well : )
We had our hands full yesterday.... My horse Roper had issues again. He kept laying down which is never a good sign for a horse. We think his stomach was turning again, we had to walk him and walk him for hours. I just hate it when he gives me those sad eyes when he isn't feeling well. He is better today and doing just fine, not sure why he keeps having this issue.
Okay are you sitting down.... Kelly took a Saxon Math book into her room on her own and did some math work from it! I was shocked when she showed me : )
School work has been going very slow, Mostly because of me - I layed down for a nap today and slept for almost 3 hours! Yikes!
I can't belive it is October 1st. already! I got a letter in the mail telling me I have juror duty. I go on October 18th., I am looking forward to it - I have never been on a jury before. They pay you $15.00 for the day, It is going to cost me about $10.00 in gas a day to get down there. They also stated that you should have nice clothes on... Yikes! I only own one pair of pants and that is a pair of faded jeans & sneakers (maybe they won't pick me because of my clothes and I can go home...)
Hope everyone is enjoying the start of October!

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Phyllis said...

Those are some beautiful birds. I am sorry to hear your horse is not doing well. I am glad that Kelly did some math work on her own. Maybe she is meeting you in the middle? I will keep praying for you two.