Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love Bugs / Marmaduke

These pests are called "Love Bugs", I had never seen such a bug before moving down here to the lovely bug state of Florida. They are every where... they don't bite or sting so thats good, but they sure do make a mess out of your car's paint job when you hit them while driving. We did some research on them today as part of our school work because they are hard to over look here right now.
We also watched the "Marmaduke" dvd (I know it's not really school related). It was funny in places and a little dry in others but an okay movie.
I requested a few of the books Jennifer suggested of the "Choose History Adventures Books", Our library has 7 different titles of these books (unfortunatly the library has some of the titles missing).
We didn't do much else in the way of school work : (


Rhonda said...

Those love bugs hit us hard every year around this time. It is just horrible and I agree that they will mess up a paint job on a car.

Freakmom said...

We went to Disney World this time a few years ago and wow, were they everywhere! Still makes for fun stories and memories. But we were just vacationing with them.