Saturday, September 4, 2010

School Planning On Sat. - Oh My!

Hope everyone is having a great Sat.! It is hot here again... We had a few great weather days there in a row of a bit cooler days.
My husband and I were talking to a man about a program they have for getting help with our electric bill, I mentioned Kelly. The guy said "She is 15 and she is still into horses"! He said it in such a way it sent up my fur... It was like at 15 she should be into sex or drugs - and her not being into either of those things made something wrong with her : (
I am really trying to get things together for next weeks schooling! I was wayyyyy to unorganized these past two weeks. Did I mention that our laptop is broken : ( So we are back to using the old windows 98 computer. We have no printer either so that makes for tougher school planning.
We are going to use a lot of unit studies & dvds from Netflix this year - Our volcanoe study is going very well. Kelly really loves weather related topics : )

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