Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meet Mr.Gibbs : )

How are you all doing? Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today : )
We had sadness last night AGAIN, I found the last two chickens we had - dead. Not sure how these two bit the big one, but we will for sure never be getting any more chickens!
On a Happier note, We adopted this fine looking fellow from the Flagler County humane society. We named him Gibbs (We are NCIS addicts right now - LOVE that show), he is the most loveable guy you could ever meet! I wanted to get a side few to show you his beautiful makings but he had other ideas, he also has a bobbed tail which is so cool looking. We had hoped to let him outside to patrol the area for rodents, but now with the chicken killer still on the loose I don't want to risk having anything happen to him so he will be inside cat for now.
Besides watching NCIS, I rented a really interesting dvd called: "Hungry For Change"
from Netflix. I am going to watch it again tonight it is right up the same alley as the Trim Healthy Mama way of thought. I really NEED to kick my diet pepsi addiction!!!!! The dvd goes into to detail about how bad aspartame is for you, I need to let it go.....

Well Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama Book Study

I have my copy of Trim Healthy Mama book and am all ready for the book study Nicole over at Journey to Excellence is going to start the first week of June. This book is HUGE and covers a ton of topics it should be a great book study - Hope you can join us : )

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Where To Start.....

Where to start......
Schooling: Belive it or not I think I have a good handle on the direction we are going to take for Kelly's senior year of schooling : ) We are going to finish up a few odds and ends from this year and head right into it after a short break. I signed up for edHelper, it has a wealth of info. to use : )
On my weight loss: Haven't lost anything further : ( But I haven't gained anything either. I guess the weight is shifting a bit because I am able to get on size 11/12 pants - granted they are tight, but I can button them : )
We had a stretch of rain last weekend and again our horse pen flooded out, the poor horses where standing in water which is never a good thing sooooooo we have decided to bulldoze our other acre of property and put up a fence for them to roam around over there. It's turning out to be alot more money than I had hoped - $600.00 just for the guy to bulldoze path ways to put up the fence and another $400.00 for barbwire & poles (Yikes).
Which brings me to the sad news - My daughter-in-laws sister who is just 52 years old is losing her battle against  her cancer. The poor gal has under gone chemo with her head held high and still they have found more cancer. She came over to me at one of the horse shows we were at and started crying telling me that she wants to give her horse Tango to my daughter-in-law if we would have room for him at our place, that she needed to know he had a good home..... I almost cried myself! She has been a police sheriff for many years hee in Flagler County and was two years away from her planned retirement. You wouldn't know looking at her she is dealing with an illness, she never sits down and is the first one out there helping the small kids with their horse runs during the Rough Riders shows. Not sure of what her plans are, but I hope she retires from the police force now while she can still do some of those things she wants to do that you always put off until next time - like taking her three year old grandson camping...... She is a tough cookie of a women and one of the good ones in this world, If you could include Cathy in your prayers I would appreciate it!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!