Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meet Mr.Gibbs : )

How are you all doing? Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today : )
We had sadness last night AGAIN, I found the last two chickens we had - dead. Not sure how these two bit the big one, but we will for sure never be getting any more chickens!
On a Happier note, We adopted this fine looking fellow from the Flagler County humane society. We named him Gibbs (We are NCIS addicts right now - LOVE that show), he is the most loveable guy you could ever meet! I wanted to get a side few to show you his beautiful makings but he had other ideas, he also has a bobbed tail which is so cool looking. We had hoped to let him outside to patrol the area for rodents, but now with the chicken killer still on the loose I don't want to risk having anything happen to him so he will be inside cat for now.
Besides watching NCIS, I rented a really interesting dvd called: "Hungry For Change"
from Netflix. I am going to watch it again tonight it is right up the same alley as the Trim Healthy Mama way of thought. I really NEED to kick my diet pepsi addiction!!!!! The dvd goes into to detail about how bad aspartame is for you, I need to let it go.....

Well Until Next Time - God Bless!!