Saturday, June 27, 2009

Drive By Shooting.....

Yes, It's true. On my street late thrus. night two houses away from me was a drive by shooting, It happened about 12pm.! Seven shots were sent into the home... No one was hurt.
To tell you the truth we didn't know much of what was happening, I had our main airconditioner on and the window unit going so we did not hear the shots. The police never came to our door to tell us what was going on even though we still had our lights on - My son was up using the computer (I was still awake too - just trying to doze). My son saw the flashing lights and went outside to see what was happening without telling me about it, looking back now he could have been mistaken for the shooter and been arrested or worse! They had seven police cars there and and an ambulance. It was in the newspaper this morning as having something to do with the family who lives there not paying her rent (sounds fishy to me though), They caught the guys who did it - Thank God! I am amazed at how I knew nothing was happening! I was outside at about 11pm. giving our horses thier hay for the night and I didn't see anything strange, there was no noises (our area is rural and not may cars go down the road so it is pretty quiet). I am just "Thankful" that these two jack-asses didn't think of shooting up some of the other houses on this road to draw suspicion away from thier true target! They could have shot our horses which our right in our front yard or even worse my son was sitting at the computer which is right by our front door area!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Toad Haven Homeschool

One of my new favorite Homeschooling blogs is: Toad Haven Homeschool
What a site!!!!! This is how I dream of teaching Kelly : )
Going places and having wonderful learning experiences & Also working on such interesting projects!
There are a number of wonderful posts to read:
"What does it mean to be well educated" *I feel it is a must read for any homeschooler*
"Why schools don't educate"
Are just two of the ones that really hit home for me since you know how I struggled this year with teaching Kelly..... I am always so caught up in the "What we SHOULD be learning thing" that I think I just stress out so much because she is so far behind but what I should be focusing in on is her strenghts and likes and work from there, that first article really pointed that out to me.
I have since decided we are taking a week or so to just "Slow our roll" and then I am going to try this new approach.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Larry King Interview.....

Did any of you happen to see the interview by Larry King with the Jonas Brothers?
He asks them about homeschooling, I thought his tone was so degrading about homeschooling it made the one kid who tried to explain it to Larry so uneasy that I felt my hair come up..... Take a peek and see what you think.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Life sometimes throws things at you and you have to roll with it but then sometimes you just gotta wonder WHY!
In my back to posting up-date I didn't want to mention to many of the rotten things that have happened because I know many of you are sick of my constant "one problem after another posts" but I just have to share with you one of the issues.
My son and his girlfriend have a dog that is living at our house, he went to the humane society to be neutered, I went with my son to pick him up. One week later I had parvo at my house! Now parvo is bad enough for a family with one dog but for a dog breeder like myself it is a catastrophe! With in roughly three days the brown curly beautiful female puppy we had was dead, her sister the white sweet love muffin was sick as a dog. Night and day almost every hour I was giving that puppy medication, to be honest I did not hold out much hope she was in terrible shape. I had to also worry about my many other dogs not catching it so I had to bleach everything, even my daughter's carpet. Then as if a miracle happened the puppy took a turn for the best and started to eat a little on her own, to say I was relived would be an undersatement. I had to keep her away from the rest of the group and any time I feed her ect. I had to bleach my hands, shoes ect. she would give those pleading eyes at me just begging for hugs and kisses but we had to keep all that to a minimum.
Let's jump a head to today, the puppy which I named Bella after the twilight character had been introduced to the other dogs awhile ago and the sweet thing was fitting in well with everyone. As you know Kelly & I don't get to go out very often but today the Dollar Tree opened up down on our town and we went to check it out.... When we got home I came into the house and there laying on the floor was the puppy! I raced and grabbed her she was still breathing but was in shock and not responsive. I quickly looked her over and to my horror she had been bitten by one of my other dogs, there must have been a tangle over food or something and the puppy must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. She died a short time later in my arms.... I cried all day today because this whole thing was sooooo preventable!!!!! Kelly asked me before we left "Should we put Bella away"? I said no, She was doing so well with the group and I had never in my 7 plus years of dog breeding had any issues with adding a puppy to the group so I really had no worries that anything like this would happen, but I should have known better that a puppy her age is not able to hold her own against the bigger dogs yet. I layed in the bed crying and just kept asking "Why", Why did God save this puppy from parvo to only have it's life taken in yet another absolutely horrible way! What really hurts me is that this sweet as pie little love muffin must have been sooooo terrified today and I wasn't there to protect her and to also think she had had such a rough start to life she just didn't deserve to die without getting more loving time in! Kelly and I are both so torn up about it epecially since we NEVER go out any where and here we finally do go out and had some fun and then we come home to this. I just keep asking myself "Why"!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Post....

It seems like I have started a ton of new posts but never finish them : (

Let's see, Still stuggling with finishing up 7th grade with Kelly! I have really dropped the ball this year! We watched High School Musical 3 and I could see from a look on her face that she kinda wants that "school" experience (prom & graduation). She said "I guess I won't have anything like that when I graduate". I have gone over it a ton of times in my mind and I really think I would like to put her back into the school system for high school. I have dropped the ball too many times since we started homeschooling mid way through her 5th grade year, and as I have said many times she doesn't get to see any other kids or we don't go any where (except to town and food shopping) so she really has not had a really great homeschooling experience at all! If I knew what I know now back then I would not have tried homeschooling her.... with her learning problems and my lack of knowledge on how to best go about teaching her has really set her back : ( Anyway, I have talked to her about it and of course she says she doesn't want to go back but my plan of action is to work through out the summer and her 8th grade year to try and get her back up to speed so she can try out 9th grade in the public school system....

As for my son, We are still trying to get the piece of our property seperated for him to use! The county now wants a survey ($650.00) - Yikes! I contacted the Title Insurance Co. to see if they are going to pay this since they omited the biding lot agreement clause on our policy so far haven't heard anything : ( Being that neither my son or us have that kind of money we are kinda at the mercy of the Title Insurance Co. to get this problem corrected.

Well I have to get the day going, I hope to post more often, I LOVE reading all of your posts! Kepp up the great work : )