Saturday, June 27, 2009

Drive By Shooting.....

Yes, It's true. On my street late thrus. night two houses away from me was a drive by shooting, It happened about 12pm.! Seven shots were sent into the home... No one was hurt.
To tell you the truth we didn't know much of what was happening, I had our main airconditioner on and the window unit going so we did not hear the shots. The police never came to our door to tell us what was going on even though we still had our lights on - My son was up using the computer (I was still awake too - just trying to doze). My son saw the flashing lights and went outside to see what was happening without telling me about it, looking back now he could have been mistaken for the shooter and been arrested or worse! They had seven police cars there and and an ambulance. It was in the newspaper this morning as having something to do with the family who lives there not paying her rent (sounds fishy to me though), They caught the guys who did it - Thank God! I am amazed at how I knew nothing was happening! I was outside at about 11pm. giving our horses thier hay for the night and I didn't see anything strange, there was no noises (our area is rural and not may cars go down the road so it is pretty quiet). I am just "Thankful" that these two jack-asses didn't think of shooting up some of the other houses on this road to draw suspicion away from thier true target! They could have shot our horses which our right in our front yard or even worse my son was sitting at the computer which is right by our front door area!

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Freakmom said...

Thank goodness you, your family and the horses were all okay! How terribly scary!! (((hugs)))