Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time Flies - Last Sat. In October!

I know I say this often about the months passing so quickly but my gosh where the heck did October go?????
We are having a rainy day today here in our part of Florida, and I am LOVING it! I have already baked some chocolate chip muffins, made a macaroni salad, washed the kitchen floor, worked on "My MidLife "Green Crisis" blog and it's only 10:30am!

Do you all remember my mentioning back on June 20th about my being a co-executor on a will and having trouble getting the lawyer moving on it (the lady has been dead 2 years already)? Well I have called left messages, wrote a letter ect. and heard back from him once. I have been in no position to hire a lawyer on my end of things to see what the heck this guy has been doing so I felt pretty stuck. Well this past Wed. I got a call from the lawyers brother (who is also a lawyer), the original lawyer I was contacted by (this guys brother) passed away! He went in for routine surgery and never woke up, he passed Sept. 18th. (eerie coincidence - the same date 2 years earlier as my lady friend who's will he was holding up)! This new guy seems like he really wants to wrap this all up and I'm with him! I have been really worried since the people mentioned in my lady friends will are also elderly that they would pass on before being able to enjoy this nice chunk of money they are going to be inheriting! Anyway, I pray I can get this all settled for all involved!!

I have to tell you about the A&E Noah dvd that we watched, Wow - I wished I had watched it before Kelly saw it!! Holy Cow, It was moving along very informative and interesting then BAM! They talk about how Noah's second son Ham went mad on the year long stay on the ark and when they got off in one scene in the dvd they say he either sodomised or castrated Noah!! I brushed over it and did not discuss what these two words ment, I felt there was no need for her to have that vision of Noah when she thinks of him. YIKES!

We are watching a cute dvd about the different time frame of dinosaurs called "Prehistoric Planet: The Complete Dino Dynasty" It is narrated by Ben Stiller, he makes funny comments thru out which we have enjoyed.

Hope everyone has a wonderful last weekend in October - Until Next time!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life Skills: Cooking & Art

We have been kinda off track this week with schooling, We have been doing more of the "Fun" type of learning.
For Kelly's Life Skills Cooking course she made this to die for chocolate cake! She did get a bit of help from Betty Crocker but I figured she could make one cake by using a box mix and then try and make a cake from scratch and see which one we all like better. I hope to attempt the scratch cake next week - If anyone has a "simple" and I mean "simple" cake recipe we could use please send it to me

We also tried are hand at some Art, I saw this post over at
Art Projects for Kids on how to make a "Batik-esque Maple Leaf Drawing". The first one posted is Kelly's & the second one is mine. I thought Kelly's came out fantastic! Mine was a bit washed out looking, I don't think using the water colors you get from the Dollar General store is what the gal used but we tried. We both enjoyed adding art into the school day I really need to get more craft supplies and do more projects like this one!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Noah and the Flood

We are reviewing chapter 4 in Mystery of History - Noah and the Flood.

Have I said how much I am loving MOH! LOVE IT : )

We received our second dvd from Netflix: "A&E Biography Noah" and midway thru it didn't work, they are sending another copy out to us which we should get today.

We also watched "The Incrredible Discovery of Noah's Ark", Kelly & I both liked this dvd. They have newer dvd's out about finding the ark but Netflix didn't have them available (Don't you hate that about Netflix - Why do they show dvd's that you can't order????). I am glad we are going back over the chapters for review it lets the info. sink in a bit more.

Kelly read out loud the version of "The legend of Sleepy Hollow" that we had gotten from the library, LOVED IT! I was really pleased with how well she reads : ) As I have said it is hard to get her to read out loud or for that matter read at all so I can see how she is doing, but this story caught her imagination and she stayed with it.

Have a Fantastic Day!! God Bless : )

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Absolutely Beautiful Day Today!!

Wow! If I was able to bottle a days weather, it would be today!! I woke up early and have just been enjoying the fabulous weather ever since : )
Days like today my grandmother would always say "It's good to be alive"!! AMEN!
I'm always scared to let myself start to feel happy because something always pops up and ruins my good mood, but not today!!

We had a great week this week:
We were able to get Netflix back up and running, which always adds a little something something to our school day.
We watched the Disney version of "Swiss Family Robinson" made in 1960. Holy Cow, If you want a perfect example of why you read a novel and then watch the movie made about it, this is it! Both Kelly & I felt that the movie did not do the book justice at all. Kelly even went so far as to say they "ruined the story". They used only 3 boys when the book has 4, no pirates actually seen in the book, tons of pirate attacks in the movie ect ect ect. Way to many changes and not enough sticking to the actual story in our opinion. Don't get me wrong we enjoyed the movie just were disappointed with the many liberties they took with the story.
What I really enjoyed was the many topics of conversation Kelly brought up about compairing the movie to the book. For the first time I think she realizes that the movie is NOT always better then actually reading the book - Hell Yeah!

We also did further reading about when your car has mechanical issues or what to do if you are in a car accident, We have really been enjoying "The Lady Mechanic's Total Car Care for the Clueless". I am really hoping to get Kelly going on driver's ed soon! I have told her to drive the car around our drive way to get the feel of it, but she really hasn't been that interested in doing it yet.

We also watched a dvd "Biography: Adam & Eve", I figured since we now have Netflix to let me go back over the Mystery of History chapters we have completed and get a few dvd's to review those topics. While the dvd was interesting I thought, Kelly did not like it all. She didn't like that it showed nakedness thru out the whole thing (it had a mix of painted depictions & an actual actor/actress protraying Adam & Eve). She was very uncomfortable with it.... so needless to say I don't think she got much out of that one : ( We will be getting a bio on Noah for Monday that should go over better, I hope!

Still really struggling with getting math going on a daily basis!!

But all in all a fantastic week : )
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, God Bless!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Time : )

While Kelly was down visiting my son & daughter-in-law they cut out pumpkins! This fine fellow is the one Kelly did herself. She said to me "Mom, this is the first time I did the whole pumpkin all by myself!" I thought about that and it is true I always have to get involved with everything we do, I'm just that kind of person. I need to step back in the future and remember the excitement in her voice about her doing something "totally" all by herself from start to finish.
I got a few spooky Halloween books from the library to read this week, (It's hard to choose which ones to get when I can only search the library system and then without seeing them put them on hold for my husband to pick-up). We have "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", a real easy read edition that has word searches, fill in the blank questions ect.. Then we also got "Salem Witch" (My Side of the Story) series which I hope we enjoy. I did also pick a dracula book but we had read it last year and y'all know my daughter she HATES to do anything twice.... so that book will be going back to the library unread this year : (

As for school work: I am so very happy to say, I begged and pleaded to get NetFlix going again and my husband got soooo sick of my complaning that he relented and we got the 2 dvd's out at a time for $11.99 a month plan. I know when we so need every dollar that it seems silly to spend some of it on Netflix, but Kelly just does sooooo much better remembering the things she sees instead of I reading it all until I'm blue in the face and it all goes in one ear and out the other, this will so help our school day!

Needless to say I am now very pressed for time to buy the black ink needed to make copies of the school paper work & the $30.00 to get Kelly registered for this 2011-2012 school year by Oct. 30th. at York Christian Academy

One day at a time is my moto : )

Have a wonderful day today!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Books, Books & more Books

This spooky looking fellow is Kelly's cat Jasper. She took this picture by keeping her finger over the flash, it gave it a scarry feel to the picture perfect for the Halloween season : )

Kelly is going down to my son & daughter-in-law's to spend the weekend with them. I'm so glad they ask her often to spend time with them. It gives her time away from our daily routine which is always a good thing, she comes back refreshed and cheerful.

I had been searching my library's search engine for Halloween books, but I've waited to long again this year most are out. I am getting a copy of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" I thought that might be fun to read this time of year.

Speaking of my library, they just never seems to have the books I'm looking for. Also with them charging $2.00 for each inter-library loan request (and only being able to keep an inter-library loan book out for a max. of 4 weeks) makes it real hard for me to get the books we need : (

So I have made a "Wish List" of books I am hoping to find cheap copies of: Encyclopedia of Nature by DK Publishing, We need that book to be able to start our Biology curriculum from Elemental Science.

Also, I would love to get my hands on The Usborne Art Treasury by Rosie Dickins. It sounds like such a great book to use for art lessons and activities, I've heard nothing but rave reviews about it.

And Your Business Math Series Pet Store, It sounds like a wonderful way to tie in real math to real life situations which might really help Kelly understand just how much math is really needed out in the workforce.

If anyone sees a copy of these books for cheap please let me know - Thank You!

Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life Skills: Auto Care/Repair

We started on our Life Skills topic of Auto Care/Repair yesterday.
We are using "The Lady Mechanic's Total Car Care for the Clueless" by Ren Volpe.
We started off by reading the introduction, which after reading it we just knew we are sure to enjoy this book. She mentions how when she told her parents she was studing to be a mechanic her father said to her without missing a beat "But you have no mechanical aptitude!", She said "Thanks Dad for the encouragment", I thought isn't that so true how a few words from someone can squelch the excitement and enthusiasm for something you want to persue. She stuck with it even tho she had a terrible time with the fellows in her trade school giving her grief over everything she did. I thought that part of the book alone was well worth reading, it gives good insight to what life is like out in the real world when you go against the grain or live outside of the "normal" box.
We jumped right to chapter 5 which was how to jump your car using jumper cables. I have been driving for 31 years and have never used jumper cables. I always have stood back and let others do it which I find sad : ( Since this is an issue we just had with our jeep Kelly was very interested in learning more about it by actually looking at the car and where we are to place the cables correctly. So when my husband got home I asked him to clarify where to put the "ground" cable on the car that is not working for us. Do you know what he said to the both of us "Like you would ever do it yourself"! I felt so deflated not just for me but for Kelly and thought back to what Ren Volpe the author said about her father giving her no encouragment. I remember seeing an episode of the Dugger's where the girls all had to learn to change a tire. the father and bother taught them and then let them try it themselves. What a different experience that would have been instead of hearing her father say "You won't ever do it yourself".....
But hey, I just have to read more and figure this out for Kelly and I! I want to show her she CAN do what ever she sets her mind to and don't let others tell her different!!
If you read about a jeep going on fire in Flagler County Florida you know it is just Kelly & I working on the car : o )

Monday, October 10, 2011

Velvet Ant

I thought I would share with you all an insect I thought maybe most of you haven't seen that we have running around here in my part of Florida - The Velvet Ant.

It's not really an ant it is a hairy wasp, they are also called a "cow killer" because of their painful sting. The ones around here are a bright scarlet red and black, they move around so fast that it is hard to get a picture of them (I got this one from the internet). Kelly & I caught one and placed it in a jar, but it was too hard to get a shot of it. They are pretty large and with their coloring are very easy to see, they are really a very beautiful insect. You sure wouldn't want to step on one - Ouch! If you would like to read more about them I have included a fews link about them: Here & Here.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Soggy Sunday

It has been raining on and off all weekend - I LOVE rain! Now I'm not talking about flooding and all that, Just a nice gentle rain. I think in my past life I must have lived in London or some place that rained alot.
I baked some chocolate chip muffins but the oinkers that we are we wolfed them down already. I also mopped the kitchen floor that I never did after the bleach incident, not a great idea when it is pouring out....
Still procrastinating on the school schedule. It's funny, I have a plan and when I go to work it out I find something else that looks interesting and get side tracked.
I think we really just need to get Netflix going this will add the "interesting" factor back into our day. I'm going to see if I can borrow some money from my son to get it going this week, they have a plan for $7.99 a month for one dvd out at a time or $11.99 for two - I'm thinking the two out will work for me and that's not too much to borrow.... we will see.
Kelly and I walked around the block and we saw that someone stole the gate off of one of the driveways where the house had been empty. We have been wanting one for our driveway forever and I mentioned that. Kelly said "Mom we don't steal, that would be a sin". I worry so much about what Kelly is not leaning then I hear something like that come out of her mouth and I relize she is learning and knows some of the most important lessons needed in life... : )

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bleach In The Eye, Oh My!

Yep, That's how I started off my Friday morning slashing bleach into my right eye : ( I was filling up my water bucket to wash the floor and poured some bleach in and it splashed up right into my eye - Hey good way of getting out of cleaning I guess.
Kelly hasn't started the day any better, the poor thing was up all night with a nasty toothache again. She has been swishing with salt water in her mouth and taking some Advil. My husband who actually has work for today (Whoo Hoooo!) is going to bring home some of that stuff you rub on the gums to help ease the pain. I sure hope the pain subsides soon, I hate to see her suffering.
As I mentioned my husband has worked Wed., Thurs. and today - Three days this week. I pray that the work continues next week, It is sooooo hard living on one day a week of work. Our food stamps are available on the 8th which we are so thankful for, We are sooo out of food it isn't funny. I should write a book on how to live on next to nothing and still survive....
As far as school goes, That is put on the shelf for today. I can't expect Kelly to concentrate when she is dealing with a toothache. The rest of the week was a snorefest! Our school day is just way to dull, I need to pep it up a bit. I really pray I can get Netflix back up and running for us, Kelly is such a visual learner that reading from books just goes in one ear and out the other. That's basically what happened this week, I read until I was blue in the face and I could see she was in lala land with it all. I hope to find something to jazz it up a bit since I now have a long weekend to work on it.
Until Next Time, Have A Great Day!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Family In A Tizzy

This is Birdy, Kelly's parakeet (she really went out on a limb naming him don't ya think). He was her birthday present when she turned 16 on Feb. 19th so he is almost 8 months old. To be honest we aren't really bird people (besides chickens) so I didn't hold out much hope for a long and happy life for him but so far so good : )

We had a scare today which thru the whole household into a tizzy. My husband who is still not working and may not have anything for this week either went down town to pick up a few things. During his trip he started to have car trouble. Now as I have mentioned our jeep is old and she has tons of miles on her but she never lets us down. He made it home and she would not start, you can imagine the fear that went thru us. We have no money for a car repair, even if they could fix it my husband has no job to pay for the repairs and if he had no car he could not get to a job if he is called.... you see the circle of panic. Anyway, He called a friend of his and he took a look at it and they got her running "Praise God"! I will be including the car in my prayers from now on, after todays eye opener of how much we need her. While all this was going on Kelly mentioned that she would really like to learn about car repair. Have any of you done a study on car repair? I'd love to see which books you have used for it. My library had "The lady mechanic's total car care for the clueless" by Ren Volpe which I requested, I thought we would start with that. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated - Thanks!

Have a great evening!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Glorious Weekend Weather : )

Loving this weather we are having here in Florida! 50's in the morning and 80's in the afternoon, You just can't get any better than that!!

Here are a few pictures of one of the experiments we did for the Mystery of History's lesson 5 - Ice Age. Kelly made a greenhouse in the jar, Just a simple activity but added some fun to the day : )