Monday, October 10, 2011

Velvet Ant

I thought I would share with you all an insect I thought maybe most of you haven't seen that we have running around here in my part of Florida - The Velvet Ant.

It's not really an ant it is a hairy wasp, they are also called a "cow killer" because of their painful sting. The ones around here are a bright scarlet red and black, they move around so fast that it is hard to get a picture of them (I got this one from the internet). Kelly & I caught one and placed it in a jar, but it was too hard to get a shot of it. They are pretty large and with their coloring are very easy to see, they are really a very beautiful insect. You sure wouldn't want to step on one - Ouch! If you would like to read more about them I have included a fews link about them: Here & Here.

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Sherri said...

We have three of them on our bug board. Usually, we see maybe one a summer, but we had an outbreak of them this year. I really am surprised that no one stepped on one. I made my kids wear shoes everytime they went outside. A sting from these not only hurt terribly, but cause problems in the nearest joint for years. They are nasty critters, although very pretty!!!