Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Noah and the Flood

We are reviewing chapter 4 in Mystery of History - Noah and the Flood.

Have I said how much I am loving MOH! LOVE IT : )

We received our second dvd from Netflix: "A&E Biography Noah" and midway thru it didn't work, they are sending another copy out to us which we should get today.

We also watched "The Incrredible Discovery of Noah's Ark", Kelly & I both liked this dvd. They have newer dvd's out about finding the ark but Netflix didn't have them available (Don't you hate that about Netflix - Why do they show dvd's that you can't order????). I am glad we are going back over the chapters for review it lets the info. sink in a bit more.

Kelly read out loud the version of "The legend of Sleepy Hollow" that we had gotten from the library, LOVED IT! I was really pleased with how well she reads : ) As I have said it is hard to get her to read out loud or for that matter read at all so I can see how she is doing, but this story caught her imagination and she stayed with it.

Have a Fantastic Day!! God Bless : )

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