Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"ForK" in the road.....

I have been reading over on another Homeschool site about a gal who has run up on a "fork" in the road of her life: http://fieldofweeds.blogspot.com/
It has gotten me thinking of how when you are at a younger age you swish through life and then you wake up one morning and you are 44 years old and "Now What"..... I have found myself feeling a bit nervous when those commercials come on about senior citzens and the age braket for being included is starting to get very near : (
I have always felt that at anytime in your life you have many roads you can take - Some times you go with your gut, somtimes by what others people have influenced you to take, sometimes you just feel that there is no other options and you take that road ect. I know my mom used to say to me - "If I could do it all over again, I would have done it all differently". I used to think that so sad that she felt that way but now that I am slowing down and taking a look at my life you can see areas that you jumped the gun and should have re-thought things out better and made better decissions for sure.
My son is now at that one of those raods in his life - He turned 18 years old, He will be a senior this year in public school. He has played football since he was about 9 or 10, He has now decided to quit playing football for his highschool team. This is huge for him - Many of his dreams were attached to his playing college football and then possibly playing semi pro or pro ball. His highschool football coach had said to him that with his size (6ft. 3 in. but at 185 lbs.) He just wasn't going to get the colleges looking at him..... that broke his heart! He has been a changed fellow since then, he has been so angry every day. I have tried to step back and look at it from his point of view and I can see how whn you have so wanted something for so long and then somthing happens and it changes pretty much over night youa r thrown for a loop. My husband felt he should still continue to play this year and finish it out that maybe some small school would take a look at him and he would still be able to play - But Kris felt that there is so much time and effort into playing (Especially down here in Florida) that he could not stand putting the effort in and then being placed week after week on the bench after being told "Your the starter", "Your playing both sides of the ball tonight", "We are counting on you" ect. and then playing a few downs and then being replaced for one reason or another..... I can't blame him there!
anyway, I felt that after reading the gal aboves "fork" made me see how many time in our lives we do run up against "forks" and how we deal with them.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Horse Back Riding Day Camp

We had signed Kelly up for a Horse Back Riding Day camp run by the P.A.L. goup here in Flagler County. As yesterday approched she became very nervous, She was worried that she wouldn't know as much as the other girls there, wouldn't be able to handle the horse ect. I reassured her that she is a good rider and everything will turn out just fine. On our way to the camp yesterday she turned a funny color (I had made her eggs & toast - If she doesn't eat in the morning before getting going she get's sick), sure enough she looked terrible. At the convenience store I asked her if she wanted to go back home (I had ordered a sandwich to be made, As always I was on top of everything - NOT!), She said no, We might have to pull over and throw up but she was going to make it. She made it there and when I dropped her off I was worred they were going to call me so I rushed around with my errands and flew back home - But she did just fine! When I picked her up she was all smiles and she had had a great day : ) Of course when we got home my son was in a mood and as usual runined her day by yelling.... that happens all most evertime here in our house - If you have a great day, someone always brings you back down : (
I am really looking forward to getting back to homeschooling - I am so hoping all the reading I have been doing about the Charlotte Mason method I am going to use will help get things running a bit more smoother.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


This is a video of our Grow-A-Frogs. We had such a tough time in the begining, each time they sent us a tadpole it would be dead when we opened the box. Then when we thought we were in the clear and had a frog grow from a tadpole to frog (Our guy had grown so fast that we weren't prepaired for his changing so quickly and we didn't have the correct food on hand)I feed him some cut up chicken livers but I must have overfed him - He passed away. Finally we got our two handsome fellows you see here in the video - A white colored one & a greenish colored one. They are such a hoot to watch!

Barrel Racing

This is a video of my son's girlfriend ridding her horse in a barrel race that we had gone to see - She is really great at it and Kelly hopes to ride like that one day : )

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Flagler Beach, Florida

We seldom go down to the beach even though we only live about 25 minutes away from it, But yesterday and today we went down and had alot of fun - The water is very warm about 80 degrees, with the heat index here running around 102 the water sure does feel great!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Family Fun Night !

As I posted, I have been worried we have fallen into a rut! We seem to always take the easy route of staying home instead of doing things. Well last night even though some of us were hesitant we went down to the Daytona Internation Speedway and watched practice sessions for both the Busch & Nextel racing series, after they were over we stayed and watched the rolex racing type cars: http://www.daytonainternationalspeedway.com/ I have to tell you it was so good to get out and away from the house! My son went in his car and took his girlfriend, I was stressed until we meet up with them (I hate when he is driving I-95, It is such a crazy highway with a speeding limit of 70!). My daughter who is 12 got in free - so that saved us $20.00. Thank goodness because my husband said sodas were like $4.00 each, hotdogs $4.00, french fries $4.00, hambergers $5.00 - It cost me $17.00 when I got 2 dogs, 1 burger & 1 frie - Yikes! Plus the $40.00 to get in made the night pretty expensive but I really feel I need to get this family out more!