Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We Have An Angel Blogging Buddy.......

Yesterday was an amazing day.....
The post gal tooted her horn that we had a packaged, Kelly and I ran outside to get it. Kelly was excited to read it was for her, I was hesitant for a few minutes for her to open it since presents are in short supply this year I was thinking it might be a good idea to hold this package till Christmas Day but she was soooooo excited I said go ahead and open it.
It was from one of my Blogging Buddies!!!!!!
I can not express how happy this box made Kelly, She actually had tears in her eyes at all the generous gifts that were sent to her. It really made her smile the whole rest of the day and we haven't seen much of that around our house lately.
God Bless You Angel Blogging Buddy...... I can not Thank You enough for making Kelly's holiday Sooooo Special : o )

Monday, December 22, 2008

Three more days....

I haven't had much to blog about lately.... Same old stuff just another day. I haven't been able to Christmas shop yet, Would you belive we got another electric bill shut off notice of $127.44. Some how we got two months behind, not sure how that happened since they ride your butt the minute you miss a payment. Anyway, that took the money from Friday's paycheck which I had hoped to use for presents. My husband says his boss is going to pay them on Tues. night this week so I will be out there Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. We are going to use the turkey my husband's boss gave him for Thanksgiving for our Christmas meal, We always have ham but since we have it in the freezer I figured that will be one less thing to buy.

I sure have been enjoying reading and viewing all the winter weather posts you all have been making. Kelly really misses snow terribly and I show her your pictures. I on the other hand feel if I never see snow again in my life time I would not be upset. Our weather here has gotten colder... 55 degress for a high I think today but we are warming back up for Christmas they say near 80 degress, we might put the table outside again and have Christmas dinner out side like we did for Thanksgiving it was so enjoyable and different which made it fun.

Hope everyone stays safe during these storms and has a wonderful day!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Posting Troubles......

I was having trouble with posting earlier this morning, Hopefully it is corrected now.

I was not feeling well most of the weekend : ( Not sure what it is but I am feeling a little bit more chipper now. Needless to say I didn't get much of anything done! My husband and son went golfing.... You would think since Christmas is only a week and half away he would want to be buying gifts with that money....

I need to get my butt in gear and organize our school week, We have alot of Christmas books & History books from the library to get to. I think even though the public school has all of next week off I am going to see if I can sneak a few days in. I can't wait for the holidays to be over.... I just hope 2009 is a better year.

Have a great day!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sat. Wrap Up

Here is another craft we made from the Christmas book activity advent, thank goodness we have had the supplies needed to make these things I hope we have the materials needed for the rest of them, We are having just to much fun with this! We didn't work on any school work yesterday : ( I just felt so tired and really didn't have the strength to get it all together (Isn't that terrible!).

My son has to work at Winn Dixie on Christmas Day 8am. to 3pm. so we will be having Christmas dinner at around 5pm., The holiday just isn't going to be the same. Last night my husband was yelling about what else "Money", My son had lent me his credit card to buy Kelly three of those wrestling Kane items she wanted, it take 5 to 10 days to receive them. Well in front of Kelly he is yelling about it saying what did I spend that money on... We had just talked about it the night before. Life goes on....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Looks Like A Rain Day Here In Florida

Here are the pictures of Kelly and her Civil War poster she made & our day two of the Christmas book activites. School has been pretty simple the past few days, mostly crafts. Yesterday I woke up to see Roper (my horse limping) which just put me in a terrible mood! I had just cancelled the hoof guy because I couldn't afford him and now the horse is limping.... that's pretty much how my life is going lately! Kelly and I cleaned it out and put some medicine on and wrapped it up in a baby diaper - I pray that will hopfully fix the hoof for him.

My husband worked only half a day yesterday and now he is home already today by 10am. (because of the rain) - The pay check I was hoping for to buy Christmas presents sure is going to be tiny. I do have to say one thing though - My son went out Christmas shopping and bought his sister a Kane figure and he is also getting her the wrestling playstation game. I thought that was so sweet of him : )

We have another Christmas book to work on today (I have four more books to pick up on Friday). We are really enjoying fooling around with the crafts - Not much school work but it sure is fun!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This & That

Yesterday we read our first book of the Christmas activities books - We made our snowflakes which was alot of fun... Kelly also worked on her Civil War poster and did a fantastic job on it! I will post a picture of it and her when I can get her to be in the picture : )

Other than that I have the Blahs... Here it is only Tues. and I am out of money all ready for the week. Then to top that off we had gotten the car insurance cancellation notice and the electric bill turn off notice both for the same day... Thurs. of this week. My husband has been working (knock on wood) so we should have a paycheck large enough to cover the $332.07 but that won't leave much for food next week. I still haven't been able to Christmas shop at all yet, which makes it more sad but we still have one more check before the holiday so I hope to be able to pick up a few things for Kelly & Kris then. I was thinking of getting fleece material of the football team he likes and make him a no-sew blanket but then maybe a gift certificate would be better for him then he can buy something small he needs. Then there is Kelly... this girl loves wrestling on tv. who would think it but she does and her favorite wrester is a scary looking guy called Kane. The stores actually sell action figures of these guys so I want to get one for her and then hopefully a few other things also.

I had to cancel the hoof guy for the horses which every time I do the horse come up with a hoof problem from having their hooves too long but I had to he was set to come this Wed. and we just don't have the cash for it so hopefully I can find the $50.00 for next time. Did you happen to read or see the video clip of the dog in Chilie who went out in highway traffic to pull his dog friend who had gotten hit by a car out of harms way? It was so heart wrenching to watch, the dogs friend was already dead but he still kept trying to get it to the medium of the highway. The news report said that someone got the two dogs to safty but the dog ran away.... My gosh that just goes to show you how carring dogs really are!

I guess from my post you can tell I am sure in the dumps today! We have another Christmas activities book to do today and I am guessing that will be about all. I just feel so low, I have no energy to do more. It is funny we were like crazy people putting up our outside christmas lights and the tree the day after Thanksgiving but that all has coem to a stop. My son doesn't even go out and put the lights on at night anymore I had to ask him last night to put them on. We also have not finished decorating the inside of the house, boxes are all over the livingroom where they have been since the day after Thanksgiving.... Maybe I will at least get to that today.

Hope everyone has a productive day today!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 7th. "A date which will live in infamy"

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Today is Pearl Harbor Day, My father always used to tell us stories of that day - He was 16 at the time. I wish I could hear them now, I never really appreciated them then.... Don't you wish sometimes you could just ask a few more questions of the loved ones who passed - Like my grandmother, I would love to hear how she was able to feed her 8 children, her two parents who lived with them and her and my grandfather during the great depression. We used to sit around as a family and all talk stories, I never heard that women complain about anything - ever! I sure do miss them all.

We actually have had a few good days here. On Friday, we decided to go to the park and have lunch there. It has one of those obstacle courses that Kelly did as we walked around the park. Then yesterday, my husband actually joined us and we went to the nature trail we had gone on a few days ago. My son got his brakes fixed on his car so he was happy so the whole household was at peace...

We are really enjoying the Christmas book activites my library had gotten me two of the books so far and we are making snowflakes for the first book "Snowflake Bentley". Kelly really likes to be able to be doing something that ties into the books we read so this works out great! I checked our library for the rest of the books which they have 12 of the listed books but of course 10 of the books are out. I am on the waiting list for them and next in line so not sure when we will get them. It was funny the library contacted me on Friday that a book I requested three weeks before Thanksgiving by inter-library loan just had come in (It was a Thanksgiving book) so I am thinking there isn't much use in requesting the books they don't have because most likely they will come in after the holiday is over...

The Post Card collecting is going well also. It is alittle hard trying to keep track of it all but we really enjoy getting the cards in the mail. I was requesting state map cards but I think we will also go with national monuments ect. to add to her State Workbook she is making. We are still working on Florida, we have been reading a good fiction book that takes place in Florida "The Missing Gator Of Gumbo Limbo" Jean Craighead George is now one of my favorite authors - It was a really great book! We enjoyed it : )

Have A Great Sunday!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nature Walk

After we did some schooling yesterday, I decided to take Kelly over to the walking trail - It's not to far from our home. As you can see from her face she was happy to do something different. We looked for alligators but didn't see any this trip : ( She found these broken palm leaves that she was so excited to bring home. Our trip was a nice one, but to be honest I always feel a bit worried when it is just her and I on these walking trails....
We got home and she was upbeat. She ran out to show her father the leaves she brought home and would you belive he carried on about the gas we used... instead of letting her enjoy the leaves. He went on and on so much so she said "I will just stay in the house and won't go out". It really took all of the fun she had that day out of her : ( I really wish I could just win the lottery!

Have a wonderful day today!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wed. (Middle Of The Week) Already...

Sure is cold as heck here!!!!!! I think it is the coldest I have felt it since we moved here about 6 years ago : )

My son got his car back last night! Yea! Would you belive they fixed the one problem but didn't fix the brake issue! Can you belive all that time and it is not completely fixed... It amazes me how people just don't stand behind anything they sell now a days! Also, Winn Dixie sent him home early from his job yesterday (not busy enough)- Yikes! I sure hope that they don't cut his hours, He won't be able to pay the car loan.

School went well yesterday. Kelly's reading is doing very well - She still picks very easy books but she is getting through them. Math is still a major issue for her, I flip back and forth between multiplication and division - that girl just can not remember the 6, 7 & 8 times tables. She uses a grid when answering the division problems which does help. While we were at the library I picked up a GED book, We both looked it over. Gosh, it looks like the test sure covers alot.... I have thought of buying one of those books just so I can drive her in the right directions as far as knowing what she needs to know for that test.

Tonight is "Ghost Hunters" on tv., I love that show so it always makes Wed. go faster. Did you happen to see the Britney Spear tv show the other night? Kelly & I watched it, that poor girl looks like they have gotten her all pretty again on the outside but gosh the girl looks like she is still on the brink on the inside..... I felt sorry for her.

Hope your day is a wonderful one!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trugging Through Tuesday.....

Would you belive the car place still has not fixed my son's car yet! We are getting really nervous that they are up to something.... last nights excuse was that the repair place that they took the car to to fix it ordered the wrong piece. Every day they say it will be ready then by evening when my husband and son go there to pick it up they tell them another excuse, this has gone on and on. Tonight my husband told them the car better be there or he is calling the cops and getting a police report on where the car is ect. It is a darn shame my son's first car experience has to be like this, he has to make his first car payment today and he hasn't even been able to enjoy it yet!

School went okay yesterday, we didn't cover everything but it is hard getting back into the swing of things. Today we are going to work on the "wrap up" Civil War poster I thought of doing. I was printing out pictures for the poster and ran out of black ink.... then I remembered that my copier uses the same ink so maybe I can finish up the pictures with that.

Did you happen to read the post about the gal who tries and feeds her family for about 35 cents per meal? Click Here or here is another gals story - Click Here I struggle every week with having enough to fed my family with spending alot more money then these folks.... I read these articles but I just can't seem to get our bill down lower : ( I have been shopping alot at the Dollar General, we don't have any liquidator type stores here so I can't get those bare bones prices that the gal in the article gets. No matter where I shop I never see meat at very cheap prices... I spend roughly alittle over $6.00 for a 2 pound package of hamberger meat that I use for meatloafs ect. or if I buy fish in a box that too is near $6.00. Meat takes a huge chunk out of my budget. Anyway, I find it very interesting to read how these gals do it.

Have A Fantastic Day Today!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Can You Belive It's December 1st.!!!!!

A Monday after a holiday... sure is hard to get organized! Then to know it's December 1st. - Yikes! My son put our tree up and decorated the outside of the house - It looks beautiful : ) He is like Tim Taylor of the Home Improvements show - He wants our house to look the best on the road. To be honest I hate December, when you have money problems it just seems sooooo much worse during this month. I know the hoilday of Christmas shouldn't be about the giving and getting of presents ect. but when you have kids and they don't have that ahhhh moment on Christmas Day when they get a gift they were hoping for it just isn't right : (

I wanted to bring to your attention a really cute site over on Crafty Crow Day #1 starts today, You read a Christmas book and it gives you advent activites to do along with it. It looks like alot of fun. I searched on my library's website for the books and would you belive they didn't have very many of them at all : ( I ordered them through inter-library loan so I won't be able to go along with the blog but hopefully we will catch up.

Have A Great Day!