Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This & That

Yesterday we read our first book of the Christmas activities books - We made our snowflakes which was alot of fun... Kelly also worked on her Civil War poster and did a fantastic job on it! I will post a picture of it and her when I can get her to be in the picture : )

Other than that I have the Blahs... Here it is only Tues. and I am out of money all ready for the week. Then to top that off we had gotten the car insurance cancellation notice and the electric bill turn off notice both for the same day... Thurs. of this week. My husband has been working (knock on wood) so we should have a paycheck large enough to cover the $332.07 but that won't leave much for food next week. I still haven't been able to Christmas shop at all yet, which makes it more sad but we still have one more check before the holiday so I hope to be able to pick up a few things for Kelly & Kris then. I was thinking of getting fleece material of the football team he likes and make him a no-sew blanket but then maybe a gift certificate would be better for him then he can buy something small he needs. Then there is Kelly... this girl loves wrestling on tv. who would think it but she does and her favorite wrester is a scary looking guy called Kane. The stores actually sell action figures of these guys so I want to get one for her and then hopefully a few other things also.

I had to cancel the hoof guy for the horses which every time I do the horse come up with a hoof problem from having their hooves too long but I had to he was set to come this Wed. and we just don't have the cash for it so hopefully I can find the $50.00 for next time. Did you happen to read or see the video clip of the dog in Chilie who went out in highway traffic to pull his dog friend who had gotten hit by a car out of harms way? It was so heart wrenching to watch, the dogs friend was already dead but he still kept trying to get it to the medium of the highway. The news report said that someone got the two dogs to safty but the dog ran away.... My gosh that just goes to show you how carring dogs really are!

I guess from my post you can tell I am sure in the dumps today! We have another Christmas activities book to do today and I am guessing that will be about all. I just feel so low, I have no energy to do more. It is funny we were like crazy people putting up our outside christmas lights and the tree the day after Thanksgiving but that all has coem to a stop. My son doesn't even go out and put the lights on at night anymore I had to ask him last night to put them on. We also have not finished decorating the inside of the house, boxes are all over the livingroom where they have been since the day after Thanksgiving.... Maybe I will at least get to that today.

Hope everyone has a productive day today!

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Rhonda said...

Oh what pretty snowflakes! I hope that you get that Christmas spirit back soon. I know how depressing it can be when the money is low.:0(