Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sat. Wrap Up

Here is another craft we made from the Christmas book activity advent, thank goodness we have had the supplies needed to make these things I hope we have the materials needed for the rest of them, We are having just to much fun with this! We didn't work on any school work yesterday : ( I just felt so tired and really didn't have the strength to get it all together (Isn't that terrible!).

My son has to work at Winn Dixie on Christmas Day 8am. to 3pm. so we will be having Christmas dinner at around 5pm., The holiday just isn't going to be the same. Last night my husband was yelling about what else "Money", My son had lent me his credit card to buy Kelly three of those wrestling Kane items she wanted, it take 5 to 10 days to receive them. Well in front of Kelly he is yelling about it saying what did I spend that money on... We had just talked about it the night before. Life goes on....

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Cindy Downes said...

I want to go to YOUR homeschool! You are doing a terrific job!