Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nature Walk

After we did some schooling yesterday, I decided to take Kelly over to the walking trail - It's not to far from our home. As you can see from her face she was happy to do something different. We looked for alligators but didn't see any this trip : ( She found these broken palm leaves that she was so excited to bring home. Our trip was a nice one, but to be honest I always feel a bit worried when it is just her and I on these walking trails....
We got home and she was upbeat. She ran out to show her father the leaves she brought home and would you belive he carried on about the gas we used... instead of letting her enjoy the leaves. He went on and on so much so she said "I will just stay in the house and won't go out". It really took all of the fun she had that day out of her : ( I really wish I could just win the lottery!

Have a wonderful day today!


FatcatPaulanne said...

It's a beautiful area you live in.

If your husband was angry at you for spending the gas money, he should have addressed those concerns to you, not to your daughter. I hope you win the lottery too!

sunshineperri said...

Kelly sounds like Dylan, more hands on learning. I am glad she had fun on her nature walk. I am so sorry about your hubby. I am so glad that you can talk to us about it. I know that must make you feel a little bit better.
Can you email me Kelly's xmas list...minus the computer :) unless I win the lottery too!!!
I know that I asked last year, but never received it!!! I have a box of books for her, not sure if she has read them or not. If she has tell her to list them on paperback swap and she can get some free ones.

Sherri said...

You lost me at the roach..haha!