Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We Have An Angel Blogging Buddy.......

Yesterday was an amazing day.....
The post gal tooted her horn that we had a packaged, Kelly and I ran outside to get it. Kelly was excited to read it was for her, I was hesitant for a few minutes for her to open it since presents are in short supply this year I was thinking it might be a good idea to hold this package till Christmas Day but she was soooooo excited I said go ahead and open it.
It was from one of my Blogging Buddies!!!!!!
I can not express how happy this box made Kelly, She actually had tears in her eyes at all the generous gifts that were sent to her. It really made her smile the whole rest of the day and we haven't seen much of that around our house lately.
God Bless You Angel Blogging Buddy...... I can not Thank You enough for making Kelly's holiday Sooooo Special : o )

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