Monday, December 22, 2008

Three more days....

I haven't had much to blog about lately.... Same old stuff just another day. I haven't been able to Christmas shop yet, Would you belive we got another electric bill shut off notice of $127.44. Some how we got two months behind, not sure how that happened since they ride your butt the minute you miss a payment. Anyway, that took the money from Friday's paycheck which I had hoped to use for presents. My husband says his boss is going to pay them on Tues. night this week so I will be out there Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. We are going to use the turkey my husband's boss gave him for Thanksgiving for our Christmas meal, We always have ham but since we have it in the freezer I figured that will be one less thing to buy.

I sure have been enjoying reading and viewing all the winter weather posts you all have been making. Kelly really misses snow terribly and I show her your pictures. I on the other hand feel if I never see snow again in my life time I would not be upset. Our weather here has gotten colder... 55 degress for a high I think today but we are warming back up for Christmas they say near 80 degress, we might put the table outside again and have Christmas dinner out side like we did for Thanksgiving it was so enjoyable and different which made it fun.

Hope everyone stays safe during these storms and has a wonderful day!!!!

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Rhonda said...

Our temps have gotten cooler too and we also had some sleet this morning. The weather man says that it will be in the upper
70's on Christmas day. I was sure hoping for some cold weather and maybe just a little more snow like we had a few weeks ago. I hope you fun shopping on Christmas Eve and y'all have a wonderful Christmas Day!