Friday, June 11, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It has been roasting here in Florida!
The humidity must be near a 100% every day : (
We only run a small window airconditioner in the livingroom, the other rooms in the house roast. Kelly's room gets so hot I don't know how she stands it in there.
I had thought since it so hot school work would be a welcome change to the day - Boy was I wrong! Kelly can't sleep much with it being so hot so she is very cranky most days so trying to get her to settle down and work has been an issue.
We are trying to finish up A History of Us book #10 (1945-2001), I love that series of books! We read about integration, Kelly can't understand how people could have been so mean to those first african-american children going to that white school in Arkansas. It is amazing how adults could be so mean and nasty to those children! We are flying through the years, only 4 pages with pictures for the assasination of President Kennedy. I wish it would just cool down a bit so we could get more done though!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

La La Land

I can't belive I have been away for so long...
Since my son's wedding I have been in La La Land! I am not sure if it is a sort of depression or what but It sure has been strange. Prepairing for the wedding I was feeling like my old self (I haven't felt like that in literally years), I was happy, laughing. I was working on my apprearence, losing a little bit of weight, watching what I ate, doing my nails, doing my hair, wearing makeup, trying to wear presentable clothes. After the wedding we slammed back into reality, my husband has run out of unemployment, the guy he used to work for that he was hoping to go back to work with has lost his house and is moving back up north. My husband has been running an ad in the paper trying to get work but nothing, We have to pray that they will be extending the unemployment again otherwize not sure what will go on.
On the school front during my La La time it was very hard to concentrate on school. We will be working on school material much later then we had anticipated. I have only had a chance to read other blogs here and there but I hope to catch up soon. I enjoy reading your wrap ups for the school year, I can honestly say I think this year has been our worst year yet. When I try and think back on what we did, all I can remember is World War II - So obviously not a very memorable year : ( I try and remind myself that we have had to deal with a lot of things this year that would have done most families in but we are still standing....
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday