Saturday, August 29, 2009

We Have Lift Off !!!!!!!!

Here are pictures of the lift off of Discovery space shuttle taken in Titusville by +BP+.
It went up 11:59pm. Friday night after a number of scrubbed lift offs.
In the first picture you can see a lightning bolt very close to the shuttle lift off area I thought for sure that the lightning was going to cause problems for the shuttle but thank God it went off just fine!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Space Shuttle Discovery......

The shuttle was supposta go off early this morning at 1:30am - My family all wanted to get up so I woke up, checked the internet and it was scrubbed. They are going to try and get it off Wed. morning at 1:10am again - Yikes, another morning of getting up way early but we hate to miss any launches it is just to breath taking to watch!

The lift off has been scrubbed again for Wed. morning.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Visit From Bill Off Our Coast....

Hurricane Bill thank-goodness missed us here in Florida but he is off our coast. He is causing some very high waves for us - Here are a few pictures....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Distractions : (

Well my best intentions have really gone out the window again...
We started school with a zest and it was going well then we got distracted and then poof we were on to something else and school was out the window : (
My son and his future wife were mobile home shopping and wanted us to go with them, We shot over to Ocala to see what they had to offer. The trip was nice, that area has great parks and Silver Springs which I hope to one day visit. I am amazed at how just this little distraction threw us all off school course. I need to make sure I have all the books we need each week by Monday and have nothing planned (like trips to town ect.) for during the week. We need to get back to the books!
On the home front things are bleak! The guy my husband is working for has not paid them for THREE WEEKS! This is how it is in our area for the construction field type workers - The employers know they got you over a barrel because there are no other jobs out there so they know if you leave they have a ton of other guys who will take the job. Try telling that to the bill people.... Our electric most likely will be shut off this coming week - My son has lent us money to be able to feed the animals and he is going to pay the car insurance because that will be cancelled on Sat.
I pray that the guy pay them soon!
I did want to mention that over one School For Us blog they have fantastic pictures of their trip to Ireland! It looks soooo beautiful over there! I had always thought I would love to go to England or Ireland some day but I guess pictures will have to do.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can You See The Steam Bubbling Off My Head?

Okay, Yes - I am feeling cranky already this morning!
Remember the post about our trying to give my son an acre of property so he and his future wife can put a mobile home on it.... But the title insurance company omitted telling us about the binding lot agreement that was placed on the property.
Well I had placed the claim on June 2nd. and it is still not corrected!
The thing that has me burning up today is, they contacted me saying that she HOPES to have the paper work all ready and in to submit to the County Board at their NEXT meeting Sept. 19th.! HELLO!
If my son does not get the mobile home here onto the property by Nov. 30th. he will lose up to $8,000 dollars in Gov't. tax rebate money! The mobile home place can not start the process until they have the title in his name in his hand.... they say it takes at least 3 months to get the mobile home in so we had just enough time to get it going if we started NOW - Yikes!
I wrote the title insurance people about the loss of this money to see if the claim will possibly recoop some of it, I doubt it though, I would probably have to sue them for it....
It just makes me soooooo mad that here I wanted to give my son a wonderful gift to start them off on a nice foot and here it is truning into a nightmare! Why do the little guys always lose out?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Already... & Woodstock "40 years ago"!

Really, Where does the weekend go? Why does those two days fly by when the week days just putts along....
Anyway, I didn't get to the library on Sat. to get the books for our upcoming week : ( I have to make it a priority from now on to make sure I get to the library otherwize it blows the whole weeks learning!
As I said we are using the "Beyond Five In A Row" & I was able to pick up "Galloping The Globe" for cheap (I know these two items are geared for much younger grades then Kelly is in, but I felt that they both have some fun things to learn in there and if she is interested we can always move on to more info. about the topic.
I have to start moving on MATH! I have to find a really basic book and just start over with it all I guess.... Kelly hates math, I mean she really hates it! I just wnat her to get the basic math down, I think she struggles with it so much that she just tunes it all out. I am think of working on it in an around about way, like working on a checkbook ect. this way it might make it abit on the fun side.
I have to wonder if in the near future we just might not even have checkbooks though... I think we may just all go to a debit type card and the banks will do away with paper checks.

On to another topic:
Woodstock... Can you belive it will be 40 years ago on Aug. 15, 16 & 17th!
We had a summer house very close to that area and I remember it so vividly even though I was only six and a half years old! The roads were jammed, cars just parked any where - to see the Rt. 17 shut down was scary. People were walking for miles just trying to make it to the concert site. We were driving home with all these people and they were riding on the outside of the cars, taking baths in the water holes along the roads. My parents were much older and so NOT into that scene but I found it so exciting : ) I have been to the concert site many times since then and at first glance you see just an open farm field but I waitied just awhile and had a tingle just remembering what had gone on there and invisoning it my mind.... PEACE : )

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Early Rising this Sat. Morning....

But not because we wanted to....
I heard banging on our front door this morning, I HATE to answer the door!
Around here it is never any good news, always bad. I made my husband get up and answer it (by now the person knocked a number of times and of course my ton of dogs were barking their heads off at the person through the window!).
Anyway, It was the crazy neighbor lady! The one who calls the animal control every time my goats step a toe off our property, called the cops on my son because she said he was doing road rage to her, called the cops on my husband because he dropped some horse poop on the road when we were cleaning out the pen ect. ect.
She came to tell us that our horses had broken out and were in HER BACKYARD!
Now to be honest we are all wondering what's up with her coming over to tell us.... this family would rather shoot the horses then help us out. Kelly and I went over to get them and to tell you the truth I was worried just putting a foot on their property. We got them and said thank you to them (my husband came over and picked up any poop the horse had done also). When we got home we kept waiting for the animal control to show up... or the cops but no one came YET!
Sometimes I just have to wonder why my family always leaves things that needs to be done until a major issue comes up about it then it get's done instead of doing it a head of time and having no stress about it.... All my husband needed to do was fix the hot wire to the box to get it going (Kelly had weeks ago got all the wire strung up) but instead he would complain that it looked like the horses are going to get out.... but at least it working now.
My husband is layed off again! Back to all that stress again!
My future daughter-in-law went for a kennel job that was posted in our local paper, they had 200 applications for the job already! It's funny because they are saying in the newspaper how the unemplyoment rate is going down a bit - What I think is happening is that people are so desperate for work they are taking ANYTHING even just part time work or even a few hours a week...
Well I hope everyone has a great Sat.!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Second School Day..... Transcripts?????

Well things went okay....not as well as yesterday.
I really like the "Beyond Five In A Row" it helps me keep things moving.
I had hoped to do more of an unschooling type year - Just go with what ever sparked Kelly's interest but our umbrella school is now requiring that we send in transcripts.... I am pretty lost about it! I have never done one before, the example they gave was to list all the books by subject that you intend on using. Many times we start with something and then leave it if it isn't working so not sure if I have to worry about that.... Can you tell I am nervous about all this! They told me I have till December 1st. to submit my info. but I just am not sure what to put down.
I have never graded any of her work so we don't have letter grades ect. to mark down either. Maybe I am making a mountain out of a mole hill here but I worry!

Monday, August 3, 2009

We Started Back To School Today!!!!!

Well we are back to the books.....
It felt GREAT to get going again, I actually think Kelly had fun learning today : )
We did some reading - Sarah, Plain and Tall ( we are using Beyond Five In A Row), some work on Maine, she is working on a panting to go with the book (I will post a picture of it when she is done with it). We didn't do anything to tough just getting her back into the gind.
Yea! School! I would have gone all summer but Kelly just needed the time away from my pesting....
Have a great day ; )