Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Already... & Woodstock "40 years ago"!

Really, Where does the weekend go? Why does those two days fly by when the week days just putts along....
Anyway, I didn't get to the library on Sat. to get the books for our upcoming week : ( I have to make it a priority from now on to make sure I get to the library otherwize it blows the whole weeks learning!
As I said we are using the "Beyond Five In A Row" & I was able to pick up "Galloping The Globe" for cheap (I know these two items are geared for much younger grades then Kelly is in, but I felt that they both have some fun things to learn in there and if she is interested we can always move on to more info. about the topic.
I have to start moving on MATH! I have to find a really basic book and just start over with it all I guess.... Kelly hates math, I mean she really hates it! I just wnat her to get the basic math down, I think she struggles with it so much that she just tunes it all out. I am think of working on it in an around about way, like working on a checkbook ect. this way it might make it abit on the fun side.
I have to wonder if in the near future we just might not even have checkbooks though... I think we may just all go to a debit type card and the banks will do away with paper checks.

On to another topic:
Woodstock... Can you belive it will be 40 years ago on Aug. 15, 16 & 17th!
We had a summer house very close to that area and I remember it so vividly even though I was only six and a half years old! The roads were jammed, cars just parked any where - to see the Rt. 17 shut down was scary. People were walking for miles just trying to make it to the concert site. We were driving home with all these people and they were riding on the outside of the cars, taking baths in the water holes along the roads. My parents were much older and so NOT into that scene but I found it so exciting : ) I have been to the concert site many times since then and at first glance you see just an open farm field but I waitied just awhile and had a tingle just remembering what had gone on there and invisoning it my mind.... PEACE : )

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Rhonda said...

Yes, where do the weekends go? It was a short one here too. I have never used Galloping the Globe, but have heard some very good reviews about it. I hope that Kelly enjoys it. My oldest daughter is not a big fan of math either and Algebra was a tough subject for the both of us, but we took it slowly and did not rush and we made it through. I think that even though some lessons that Kelly may be using are not at her level, if she is enjoying it and learning from it, then that is what counts. She will learn it all eventually, just at her own pace.