Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ho Hummmm

Having a tough day already, I was stupid to think New Year's Eve would be any different around here!~
Money problems left and right, For 2 hours last night my husband and I discussed what we should do today to help get the issues some what fixed - Now this mornig he has totally changed his mind and is screaming again....I won't bore you with the rest of it because I'm sick of it too and I have to live it.
Kelly & I were enjoying our time without school, Yesterday we went horseback riding, took the dogs out for a walk, but as always in this house you have a fun day and the next turns crappy : (
I really am not looking forward to getting back to the books on Monday, I know we have to but I sure am enjoying the freedom and the no stress of not having to think about school work!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Charistmas Is Over For Another Year....

All and all we had an okay Christmas, Christmas Eve Kelly, my husband & I (my son had to work) went over to my in-laws for a ham dinner. It was nice (any time I don't have to cook - I'm there!). We opened presents that they gave us which was nice, Kelly got a large horse blanket which is very pretty (I will post a picture of it after we get it out of the car, all the presents are still in there from Chrsitmas Eve....). As I have said they give us gifts that they buy from garage sales so everything is used which I find kinda weird for Christmas gifts but as they say it is the thought that counts. They usually give us $25.00 each but this year they didn't which threw us for a loop since we were going to use that money for gas to get home... I guesss thats what you get when you count your chickens before they hatch! I had a $30.00 budget for Kelly's gifts this year, she got a Three Days Grace CD, Scrabble card game, Monopoly card game, a pair of Flip Flops, two Simis Palystation 2 games (I bought them at Game Stop, They sell previously owned games for much less then new) - That was it but she seemed to enjoy the presents so thats all that matters : )
Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday with your families!!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day today with your loved ones : )
Best Wishes!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting Outside For A Mushroom Hunt

I told my daughter to grab her coat we are getting outside - Can you see the enjoyment in her face "not"!
We went on a mushroom hunt and found a number of beautiful ones. Kelly took the pictures of them with her camera so they came out pretty good.
I am trying to get our "mojo" back to positive things instead of all this major negative stuff that has been happining to us!
We are taking the rest of this week off from schooling, but am thinking we are going to get back to school work on the 28th. I have been looking at Ambleside to add music & art study to our day. Year 6 looks like a good spot to start at. I am just going to mold some of their ideas into our day and see how it goes.
Hope everyone is getting ready for the holiday! I can't wait till it is OVER!!!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Son Was Robbed At Gun

My son was driving home from a friends house last night at about 10pm., He was running late so he took the fastest way home which is through an area that besides it having a tiny clump of houses is pretty desolute for miles. He stopped at the one stop sign in the area and then went around a cornor he saw a man walk out into the road in front of his car. My son slowed down and was watching & wondering what the heck this man was doing! He then heard tapping on the driver side window which startled him, When he looked over there was another man in a mask with a gun pointed at my son's head!!!!!!! The guy told him to give him his wallet which my son did, the guy took out the $50.00 that he had in there and threw the wallet back at my son and then acted as though he was going to hit my son in the face with the gun butt, Then the two men ran off into the darkness. He raced out of there as fast as he could and got home. I tell you when he told me the story I just shook!!!!!! So many other things could have happened to him, they could have shot him, they could have pulled him out of the car and beat the living daylights out of him, ect. - So many things keep racing through my mind! Praise God he is okay!!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Are You Smarter Then A 5th Grader"

As part of our schooling today we pulled out "Are you smarter then a 5th grader" game.
We haven't really ever played it before, it has been sitting in the closet from last Christmas. Anyway, My husband, Kelly & I played, I found alot of the questions to be pretty hard. We were on the 1st grade questions and having to think about a few of the answers - Yikes! This whole thing kinda back fired in my face because Kelly felt very frustrated not knowing the answers to a number of the questions. She said to me about herself "I sure am dumb!". I felt terrible! Hearing and seeing her struggle with alot of the questions really made me question what I have been teaching her. One question was about Mozart, She had no idea who he was. To be honest we have not covered him or much of any other music, I have just felt that with her learning disability going into to many directions would just make things harder for her...... I may be wrong though. She felt very down and it didn't help that her father kept giving me "the look" when she didn't know things. If you have read my blog you know I have struggled with the topic of what do you teach a child with a learning disability who has no plans to go to college... does knowing who Mozart is something that we just should cover.... Or one of the other questions was about Aesop's Fables, We haven't ready any of those yet either.... It's funny how playing one game can really open ones eyes!

Meteor Shower - Fantastic!

We were out side for most of last night and early this morning watching the meteor shower
The evening started off with clouds and the viewing was not so good but we kept going out every hour to see if it improved and it did! Just after 11:30 ish we were getting good views. We took out a blanket to lay on and a pillow (later on I did need to add a jacket, I still had on my shorts though). My husband, Kelly & I watched until about 1:00am, We saw a ton of shooting stars some were quick and faint others we bold and had a tail! It just amazes me how beautiful the night sky is when you take the time to really just settle in and enjoy it! My son was yelling of course because we were keeping him up from his sleep - We would get loud when we saw one (he had to get up for work at 2:30am).
Other than that though we had a great evening! Kelly & I hope to go out again tonight and take another peek : )

Saturday, December 12, 2009

An Interesting Blog

Good Saturday Morning!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead!
I found a blog I am enjoying reading: Under $1000 a month (I am especially ejoying her posts about expenses). I love it when you find one that you just keep hitting the older posts button to read more : )

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

24 More Days Till 2010!

You won't belive the days I have been having....
To start off with we did finally receive the unemployment check in Sat. mail - Thank God! That whole issue was wearing me out!
Then my in-laws popped in on Sunday. As I have said before these people are like no other people I have ever meet before..... They sat here telling us how they hired a guy to come in and install tile in their kitchen and laundry room. I tried to keep my mouth from dropping open while they told this story, my husband couldn't belive it either. Here we are in desperate need of money and they go out and hire a stranger to do the work my husband could have done! It really broke my husband's heart. I just don't understand these people at all.... Then they invited us over for Christmas Eve dinner!
I am praying the holidays fly by fast this year, I am so drained already and we haven't even gotten to the actual holidays yet. Every year on New Year's Eve I always say "I sure hope the next year will be better this one" and every year they seem to be getting worse.... My husband has unemployment until I think Feb. then I am not sure what we will do if they don't extend it again.
As you can see I am in a depressed mood again! It just is sad when you go into Walmart and some people are smiling and laughing with shopping carts full of presents for their loved ones and others like us are worried how we are paying the electric shut off bill AGAIN plus have enough to just get by until the next unemployment check : ( It broke my heart when my son asked Kelly for some present ideas for her and she said "Just help pay the bills so nothing gets shut off". Jan. 1, 2010 where are you???????

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up:
It has been fun reading & seeing blogging posts about areas having snow! It sure looks like all the kids had fun with it : ) Here in Florida we are windy, cold with rain... a dark gloomy day. I went out this morning to find my horse Roper shivering : ( I tried to dry him off some but it is still raining a bit, I will have to keep and eye on him.
It's funny we had our outside Christmas lights up way before Thanksgiving (my son did it all) but now the days are ticking away and we still don't have the tree up. I have no interest at all in putting it up maybe my son will in the next few days.
Our bigggest problem this week has been my husband's unemployment check did not get delivered! It comes ever week on Thursday like clock work but not this week. He has checked and they sent it out so the problem is not on their end. We went to the post office and of course they said "Give it a few days..". We are really up a river, We so count on that check each week to pay bills, buy food, animal food ect., I don't want to even think that it might be lost... If you could include us in your prayers that this check comes soon, I would really appreciate it! Thank You!
School has been going very slow, I can't get up to the library for any books to add to our readings which always adds alittle something to the day. I can't wait for the holiday season to be over with!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Night At The Museum Lapbook

This was posted on one of my other homeschooling groups and thought I would pass it on, It looks like such a fun idea to do...
"A Night At The Museum" lapbook type thing which cover both the older movie and the one that comes out today, the best part is that it is free right now from CurrClick (normally $12.00).
If anyone finds some great books to go along with this please pass it on to me