Monday, December 14, 2009

Meteor Shower - Fantastic!

We were out side for most of last night and early this morning watching the meteor shower
The evening started off with clouds and the viewing was not so good but we kept going out every hour to see if it improved and it did! Just after 11:30 ish we were getting good views. We took out a blanket to lay on and a pillow (later on I did need to add a jacket, I still had on my shorts though). My husband, Kelly & I watched until about 1:00am, We saw a ton of shooting stars some were quick and faint others we bold and had a tail! It just amazes me how beautiful the night sky is when you take the time to really just settle in and enjoy it! My son was yelling of course because we were keeping him up from his sleep - We would get loud when we saw one (he had to get up for work at 2:30am).
Other than that though we had a great evening! Kelly & I hope to go out again tonight and take another peek : )

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Rhonda said...

We did not get to see any of it. It was so foggy here last night and today it is raining and is suppose to keep it up all day and night. :0( Happy to hear that you all had a good time.