Saturday, December 26, 2009

Charistmas Is Over For Another Year....

All and all we had an okay Christmas, Christmas Eve Kelly, my husband & I (my son had to work) went over to my in-laws for a ham dinner. It was nice (any time I don't have to cook - I'm there!). We opened presents that they gave us which was nice, Kelly got a large horse blanket which is very pretty (I will post a picture of it after we get it out of the car, all the presents are still in there from Chrsitmas Eve....). As I have said they give us gifts that they buy from garage sales so everything is used which I find kinda weird for Christmas gifts but as they say it is the thought that counts. They usually give us $25.00 each but this year they didn't which threw us for a loop since we were going to use that money for gas to get home... I guesss thats what you get when you count your chickens before they hatch! I had a $30.00 budget for Kelly's gifts this year, she got a Three Days Grace CD, Scrabble card game, Monopoly card game, a pair of Flip Flops, two Simis Palystation 2 games (I bought them at Game Stop, They sell previously owned games for much less then new) - That was it but she seemed to enjoy the presents so thats all that matters : )
Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday with your families!!!!!

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