Friday, December 18, 2009

My Son Was Robbed At Gun

My son was driving home from a friends house last night at about 10pm., He was running late so he took the fastest way home which is through an area that besides it having a tiny clump of houses is pretty desolute for miles. He stopped at the one stop sign in the area and then went around a cornor he saw a man walk out into the road in front of his car. My son slowed down and was watching & wondering what the heck this man was doing! He then heard tapping on the driver side window which startled him, When he looked over there was another man in a mask with a gun pointed at my son's head!!!!!!! The guy told him to give him his wallet which my son did, the guy took out the $50.00 that he had in there and threw the wallet back at my son and then acted as though he was going to hit my son in the face with the gun butt, Then the two men ran off into the darkness. He raced out of there as fast as he could and got home. I tell you when he told me the story I just shook!!!!!! So many other things could have happened to him, they could have shot him, they could have pulled him out of the car and beat the living daylights out of him, ect. - So many things keep racing through my mind! Praise God he is okay!!!!!!


Luke said...

Yikes. Glad he's safe and they only took $50.


Jennifer said...

How scary!!! I can't even imagine. Glad he wasn't hurt physically.

Rhonda said...

This just upset me so much. Thank goodness your son is ok. It just upsets me to no end that people are too flipping lazy to get off their butts and get a darn job! Ugh!

Eryn at said...

just as upset as Rhonda. I'm getting awfully tired of reading about bad things happening to good people.

Hug your son extra hard tonight

Fatcat said...

So sorry he had to go through that!
And his mama too!

Tell your daughter that several of our family members including at least 3 college educated, successful adults played this game and we missed plenty of questions too. It's not a good indicator of success in life!