Tuesday, December 8, 2009

24 More Days Till 2010!

You won't belive the days I have been having....
To start off with we did finally receive the unemployment check in Sat. mail - Thank God! That whole issue was wearing me out!
Then my in-laws popped in on Sunday. As I have said before these people are like no other people I have ever meet before..... They sat here telling us how they hired a guy to come in and install tile in their kitchen and laundry room. I tried to keep my mouth from dropping open while they told this story, my husband couldn't belive it either. Here we are in desperate need of money and they go out and hire a stranger to do the work my husband could have done! It really broke my husband's heart. I just don't understand these people at all.... Then they invited us over for Christmas Eve dinner!
I am praying the holidays fly by fast this year, I am so drained already and we haven't even gotten to the actual holidays yet. Every year on New Year's Eve I always say "I sure hope the next year will be better this one" and every year they seem to be getting worse.... My husband has unemployment until I think Feb. then I am not sure what we will do if they don't extend it again.
As you can see I am in a depressed mood again! It just is sad when you go into Walmart and some people are smiling and laughing with shopping carts full of presents for their loved ones and others like us are worried how we are paying the electric shut off bill AGAIN plus have enough to just get by until the next unemployment check : ( It broke my heart when my son asked Kelly for some present ideas for her and she said "Just help pay the bills so nothing gets shut off". Jan. 1, 2010 where are you???????

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