Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting Outside For A Mushroom Hunt

I told my daughter to grab her coat we are getting outside - Can you see the enjoyment in her face "not"!
We went on a mushroom hunt and found a number of beautiful ones. Kelly took the pictures of them with her camera so they came out pretty good.
I am trying to get our "mojo" back to positive things instead of all this major negative stuff that has been happining to us!
We are taking the rest of this week off from schooling, but am thinking we are going to get back to school work on the 28th. I have been looking at Ambleside to add music & art study to our day. Year 6 looks like a good spot to start at. I am just going to mold some of their ideas into our day and see how it goes.
Hope everyone is getting ready for the holiday! I can't wait till it is OVER!!!!!!

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