Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, Start Of A New Week : )

Monday, The start of a new week!
I just dropped off my husband at work, the plans are he is staying down at the job site ALL WEEK!!!!!! But it has decided to start raining here in Florida so that could throw a monkey wrench in all his plans : ( I hope they can find work for them to do even though it is going to rain all week, I sure an looking forward to the peace and quiet! Knowing my luck he will call me back in a few hours to pick him back up that he has the week off.... : (

Anyway, Since we have no tv. I signed up for NetFlick. Do any of you use that service? Do you like it? What price plan do you use? We got Get Smart & Bedtime Stories - I really enjoyed Get Smart for some reason. Do you have any movie suggestions? I am trying to keep our bills as low as I can but yet not go stur crazy so I thought this might be a good option.

I have been reading some of my fav, blogs and seeing you all are close to being done with school for the year, We are no where near it : ( I am hoping now that I have all the paper work in to the county for the problem we are having dividing our land so my son can have an acre should free up my mind a bit so I can concentrate on school again and get us moving!!!!! Like I said before, I don't know how you all do it..... If I have to go somewhere or something needs attention like a bill problem or so other issue I just can not do both school work and that!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! If you are in Florida stay dry : )

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thurs., Hot Again!

Hot Again Here!!!!!
I like hot weather but this year it just seems like we raced right into the real hot temps. to quickly...

We got some schooling in today, still having a tough time with Kelly though... I do most of the reading and she listens and I ask her questions about what we covered and she seems to understand the stuff but has absolutely no intrest in what we are covering! I really wish she enjoyed school even just a little bit, It would make things so much easier. I keep telling her maybe it would be better for her to go back to public school for 8th grade (I am not sure if they would even put her in that grade since we are so far behind..) but she doesn't want to.
We are working on the book Blood & Guts she seems to be interested in that, even asking questions about how many layers of skin fall off when you scratch.....? I just pray that this homeschooling Kelly idea of mine all turns out for the best and I don't ruin her life!!!!
I know I am being a bit dramatic but I am really feeling that way lately...

On to another topic: John & Kate plus 8, I have been reading some articles on the internet of him running around with a 23 year old behing Kate's back. I feel like I know this family since I watched their show from the begining and read their book. I don't know if the articles are true or not but it just makes me sad......

I had to notify my puppy waiting list families that none of my girls are going to have puppies this time : ( I tell you we sure were hoping the matings were going to be successful! Now I have to give back their deposits..... Just what we need right now!

Have a good day today : )

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wed. On The Homefront

I spent all day yesterday on the phone and got no where!
I am still trying to open a claim up with the title insurance company who omitted the binding claus on our property..... I finally got an address to mail a copy of my policy & the binding agreemnt to, maybe something will come of it who knows.
Then I had a number of follow up calls to make, lawyers, car insurance, vet, car repair which seemed to take forever because I was doing phone tag with the people : (
Anyway, We again did not get to school work. I just can't seem to balance when I have home business to do and school work - My mind just can't seem to do both!
I was disappointed in myself because yesterday we had gotten a good start jumping back into work. I don't plan to be on the phone or go anywhere today so we should be able to tackle somethings....

I wanted to post a great link to a number of free homeschooling sites on Cindy Down site I just LOVE her webpage & blogs!!!!!!

I have finished all of the Twilight books, I hate when you finish a series of books like that I always want more.... just like the Harry Potter books. But that now leaves me with nothing to read : ( I picked up the Tightwad Gazette again and rereading that. I wish someone would write a book like that again but with up-dated prices and problems. I am still keeping a very close eye on our bills, trying to keep everything as low as I can. When we got the internet turned back on it cost us $19.95 a month for the first 6 months for roadrunner light, of course they got us for turning it all back on again another $20.00 : ( My husband is toying with the idea of putting his van back on the road once he works a few weeks but to be honest I don't mind getting up at 5:15am and dropping him off at work to save a few bucks.. The next job that this company has is up in Maryland.... Yikes! But he is happy to just be working.

Have a great day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweating In Florida!

Good Day All!

It sure is hot here in Florida!!!!! It seems hotter then normal : (
We have had the airconditioner purring ALOT already, not a good thing....

We finally hit the books today, First time in a LONG time! It felt good to get rolling again. Kelly was in a cranky mood and moving around alot, but we got somethings done. She is okay with almost everything but when I bring out the math stuff gosh she sure does act up! She did three division problems (getting one of them wrong) and then tossed it aside. I'm going to move to try a few other math ideas like writting out checks ect. as a way to work on every day math with her. We are just going to have to work all summer now to make up for the time lost... Since it is sooo hot already I don't think we would be doing much else anyway. Our new pool we bought last year had sprung a leek at the end of last year so we patched it but we hardly any rain here we are nervous to try and fill it we might run our well dry doing - So we don't even have that to cool off with : (

My son did get engaged this past weekend! I'm happy for him but gosh he is only 19! They plan to get married next May or April 2010. I mentioned how they are hoping to put a double mobile home on the acre of property we are giving them, Well would you belive when I went seperate the property our land had a binding claus on it! I flew over to our Title Insurance Co. notifing them and sure enough they missed this little tidbit of information!!!!! I am not sure how to proceed with that, We may need to sue them not sure. No matter how you look at it is going to take me awhile to get this corrected : (

Well I'll let you go, Have a great day!