Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, Start Of A New Week : )

Monday, The start of a new week!
I just dropped off my husband at work, the plans are he is staying down at the job site ALL WEEK!!!!!! But it has decided to start raining here in Florida so that could throw a monkey wrench in all his plans : ( I hope they can find work for them to do even though it is going to rain all week, I sure an looking forward to the peace and quiet! Knowing my luck he will call me back in a few hours to pick him back up that he has the week off.... : (

Anyway, Since we have no tv. I signed up for NetFlick. Do any of you use that service? Do you like it? What price plan do you use? We got Get Smart & Bedtime Stories - I really enjoyed Get Smart for some reason. Do you have any movie suggestions? I am trying to keep our bills as low as I can but yet not go stur crazy so I thought this might be a good option.

I have been reading some of my fav, blogs and seeing you all are close to being done with school for the year, We are no where near it : ( I am hoping now that I have all the paper work in to the county for the problem we are having dividing our land so my son can have an acre should free up my mind a bit so I can concentrate on school again and get us moving!!!!! Like I said before, I don't know how you all do it..... If I have to go somewhere or something needs attention like a bill problem or so other issue I just can not do both school work and that!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! If you are in Florida stay dry : )

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Fatcat said...

I hope he gets to work all week. You might just have to be year round schoolers and take off when you need to. Do whatever fits your family.