Monday, April 30, 2012

Pulled An All Nighter

Don't you just HATE when a crisis starts at night..... that's what accured at our house last night at about 10pm. My horse started with the belly pains (stomach turning), he has had this before and we have walked him around the block a few times and it helped it pass. Well when it started late last night we could not walk around the block because there are no street lights and it would be too scarry. I walked him and walked him around the pen keeping him from going down on the the ground so he could not roll, that is what will turn the stomach and that would be very bad. By 2am. I could no longr get him up off the ground! We tried everything to get him up but he would not budge, I thought we had lost him for sure. Kelly & I went in the house we were exhausted and I must have dozed off for a few hours, I woke up about 5am and Roper was UP! He was doing just fine : ) It was like a miracle this morning seeing him look at me with those big baby eyes of his when I thought for sure he was a goner - Thank you God!!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Good & The Bad of History Dvd's

 We watched these two dvd's for our Mystery of History lessons:
Jacob's Ladder episodes 3 & 4 about Ruth, Naomi & Boaz was great! It really kept Kelly's attention with the kids added into the story. I have now put all of the episodes in my Netflix queue, we can't  wait to view them!
Now the next one Samson & Delilah was a different story. We found it to be dull, slow moving, poorly acted, alot a sexual overtones (and we hadn't even gotten to the part where Samson & Delilah hook up) that I just didn't feel comfortable with so we stopped the dvd and didn't finish it. : (
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weird Day In The Kitchen

I had a doozy of a day yesterday.... First I was using my oven to cook up some lunch for Kelly & I. A short time later I smelled something burning, I checked in the oven nothing. Then the smell got worse and sure enough our food was all burnt! It had only been in less then 16 minutes at 375 degrees. I pulled out the burnt up smelly stuff and toss it out and turned the oven off and it won't go off! Now I'm starting to panic a bit, I played around with the dial and it still didn't go off. In my head I am thinking how am I going to pull out the oven and get behind it to pull the plug... not thinking the logical thing would be to just go to the electic box in the house and slap the braker off. It did eventually go off - Thank God!
THEN I'm cooking dinner - broccoli, fried rice & baked beans on the stove. I get everything done and I look at the broccoli and it had white thin things on it... right away I'm thinking the broccoli must have gone bad and some worms were on it - Yuck! So I toss out the entire huge amount of broccoli that I cooked. Then I look at the beans and there the white things are again, I'll pulling them out to see if I can figure out what they are before tossing out the beans too. Kelly comes over and looks at it and says "Mom, that's just some of the noodles from the fried rice" - DUH!!!!!! I used the same spoon to mix the broccoli, fried rice & beans!! How stupid am I!!  Hey, I'm going to blame this one on the pre-menopause brain. : ( 
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kids Discover Magazine - Issues Needed

We are in search of these Kids Discover Magazine titles:
Ancient India
7 Wonders of the World
Ancient Persia
African Kingdoms
The Aztecs
We have looked on ebay which does have a few of the titles, but I would have to buy others that we aren' interested in. So if you have any of these or know of where I can get them please contact me - Thanks!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Time Warp Trio - Tut Tut

We read this cute book today Tut Tut by Jon Scieszka as part of history lesson. He has written a few adventures for The Time Warp Trio but this is our first one and we really enjoyed it! I am not really a fan of fiction books for our school work but this really was a fun read. I know Kelly enjoyed it because she didn't want me to eat my lunch she wanted me to keep reading.... Can't ask for better than that! : )
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


You all have to check out this website Froguts and watch the demo here, You will be blown away by it! Being that Kelly & I are vegetarians we could never do any dissections on real animals so this is the next best thing! We will be using this for sure for our next years biology lab science.
Thanks to Almost Unschoolers for the posting about this great site!

Just Crazy Times!!

Here we are at another Thursday....
Things are still crazy here but Kelly & I did finally finish and pass her 4 hour drug & traffic class needed before she can take her written permit test. The permit test is 20 questions on traffic signs & 20 questions on traffic laws. She has NOT picked up the driving book to go over these things yet : ( I'm really trying to keep her moving on this and get her out there and driving!
I tell you I was getting worried yesterday I have been e-mailing the lawyer for days who is handling the wills and he wasn't getting back to me.... we had just liquified the ladies assets so he has control of over a million dollars right now at his finger tips and not hearing from him almost made me up-chuck. I tell you being an executor of a will is not easy it is gut wrenching at times.... I could not sleep last night so I shot him off another e-mail at 12:30am with my concerns and he finally wrote back this morning saying his work load is heavy and he was in court so he will no get to me until Monday or so.... I guess I should have expected that since he was paid a partial payment of his fee ($13,000), so now I am tossed to the back burner.
Also, Our horses broke out of the pen the other morning. Kelly & I drove around and around and could not find them (again thank God we have a car).
We went up to the black top road which has a bit more traffic just to make sure they weren't up there and sure enough there was a police officer, some ladies & my horses - YIKES! The lady who had them running in her yard was super wonderful, she said it was beautiful to watch them run and toss their heads and such. The lady actually drove her truck along side of us all the way back to our house so that she could drive me back to my car! There are still some wonderful people here on this earth : )
My husband is still working.... He has sooooo many issues I have to just leave all that in Gods hands because I am making myself sick over it all! I am a nervous eater and I have been packing on the pounds with all of his bull stink and it just makes me feel even worse about myself and I need to stop it. Dealing with the pre-menopaus also during all this has been terrible! Nobody really talks about how much it throws you on the ground and stomps on you!! I've been depressed enough with dealing with that and then all of my husband baloney just about puts me in the looney bin, but as they say this to will pass!! : )
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Attempt At Chow Mein

Wow, Did this turn out GREAT! Now if I can do it anyone can make this delicious dinner! It was soooo easy too which was a plus since I stink at cooking and you only mess one pan - Who caould ask for better. I added broccoli since we are broccoli junkies but I'm sure you could make this many different ways each time you make it and it would be awesome. I got the recipe for this Chow Mein dinner here: Homemaking on the Homestead Give it a try I think you will like it : )

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Other Shoe Has Dropped

Just when I thought life might be going "Good", I am awakened but again to what my life is really like : (
I have gotten two payments from the wills I was mentioned in and how wonderful it has been to be like other families for just a little while anyway who can actually breath knowing you have a little cash to back you in case of any unexpected bumps in the road, the ability to help others and so forth. They say money is the route of all evil but dam it sure makes life alot more fun. Now I'm not saying we went out and crazy shopped or anything but just knowing you could is a great feeling. I think you get the mind set I have been in, now comes the other shoe I should have seen dropping as they say.....
My husband says he gave his two week notice to quit his job!
Flashback to last year off of work for over a year, no jobs to be had ect. and this man wants to QUIT his job!! To say I was floored would be an understatement. He should be thankging God every day he has this job instead of quitting it. He says he no longer wants to be a painter that he wants to just do a job in a food store stocking shelves for example.
He has done this EVERY time in our life when we come into money, so I should have expected it but I thought after this last year seeing how hard it is for a 50 year old guy to get a job it would be different... I am so sick of it!! Sure we can live on the money for a good part of the year but then it will be gone! My son & daughter-in-law's closing on their house is scheduled for May 15th, We had given them some of the money to help them be able to get the house, this news of my husband quitting is just going to hit my son hard. I am sure he will want to pull out of the contract for the house so he can return the money to us. It felt sooooo good being able to help them that I would hate this to ruin one of the biggest days in their lives so I am going to try and shield this info. from them for as long as I can.
I have asked God to help me with this and to try and open my husbands eyes to what he is doing... Please send prayers my way if you could.
Thank you for listening : )
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day and gets to spend it with those you love. For the first time since I think I have been on this earth I will not be celebrating it with an Easter feast with family members : ( My husband says he has work to do today on a side job he has but I'm thinking he is actually on the golf course. Anyway, my son & daughter-in-law were over yesterday for my birthday so I guess that was our family time get together. It sure isn't the same when you don't have a meal cooking in the oven and hidding colored Easter eggs outside for the kids to find (even tho they are 17, 21 & 22 in age).

Hope all of you have a Blessed Day today with your families.

Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I HATE Getting Older : (

Good gravy I turned 49 years old today!! Man I am OLD : (
My son & daughter-in-law came over and joined us for some pizza and then we ate this fantastic cake with ice ceam. It was really nice having the family together but DAM I hate getting older!!

On a happy note: The papers were signed today for my son & daughter-in-laws house, the closing date set by their realestate gal is for May 15th, that's their wedding anniversary date! I think it is a sign that this is the house for them : ) Still alot of hurdles to go thru before it is theirs but it's a good start!

Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

House Hunting Almost Over - I Hope : )

I'm still holding my breath but it looks like my son & daughter-in-law just might be getting the house I posted about yesterday! The house was listed for $79,900, they offered him $72,000, He came back with $77,000, they then offered $74,000, He then came back with $75,500 and my kids are taking that price. They have to go and sign some more papers tomorrow and the sellers has to sign the papers also then starts the crazyness of the banks & inspectors for EVERYTHING so we are not out of the woods just yet but we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel : )
Keep them fingers & toes crossed!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Still House Hunting : (

Yes, My son & daughter-in-law are STILL house hunting!! The really cute pink house looks like it isn't going to work out. Now it is between this one which is for sale with an actual owner which is very cute and has a great back yard which I love or a much bigger house (a forcloser owned by a bank) that is double the size of this one. I just worry about the airconditioner bill ect. for tha big house but you know me I'm just a worry wort! The kids are really pulling for the bigger house, they are the only bid on that house but that means nothing the bank may just sit on it till they get a higher offer. The kids have to decide if they are going to wait for an answer from the bank which could come today or maybe next week sometime and risk losing this one pictured which they have a very good chance of getting. Can you tell I'm pulling for this one, I didn't even post any pictures of the bigger home : ).... Hopefully we will know today one way or another, Keep you fingers and toes crossed again!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hitting The Road - Yikes!!

Kelly has finally decided she wants to learn to drive!! This is her first attempt at being behind the wheel of a car. She drove up and down the driveway, around the lawn and back out to the road. She was nervous but started to feel abit more confident the more times she did it : ) Yep, thats her car we bought her! As I said we needed a car in case we had to evacuate so we went out and got this one, it has a ton of miles on it but we like it. We had to put down $1.200 and pay $60.00 a week until it's paid off - We HATED the idea of having a car payment but I feel alot safer. We hope to get the four hour drug & traffic class out of the way this week (she can take it on the computer) so she can take her permit test and get her out on the road - YIKES!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fire Season Is Starting Again - Yikes!!

Th other day Kelly & I were taking the horses out for a stroll when we noticed at the end of the road black smoke! Yes, I know what your thinking man they have alot of fires in their area and it does seem that way!! When I see that black billowing smoke I get such a feeling right in the gut. The fire was getting nasty so I jumped off of Roper and ran to my neighbors house who was two houses away from the fire to alert her. Kelly & I then went back home to put the horses away... Fire is our worst fear as we do not have a car to get away from the fire if it were to come or way which I tell you is a scarry feeling. We ran back down to the fire, there were loud pops going off not sure what that was but finally a polic officer got on the scene and told me that the man who lives at the house was not in the home at the time of the fire he was making his way home from the convience store on his bike but no one was sure what happened to his dog. It took FOREVER for the fire engines to get here!! I mean forever.... mobile homes burn fast. The man's home was totally lost but they did find his dog which was a huge blessing, this man had nothing else in this world but his dog. We all take things so forgranted that we seldom appreciate what we have - I now I have a BIG problem with that and after seeing that this guy who lost everything was so happy to just have his dog it really brought things into perspective : )

Until Next Time - God Bless!!