Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hitting The Road - Yikes!!

Kelly has finally decided she wants to learn to drive!! This is her first attempt at being behind the wheel of a car. She drove up and down the driveway, around the lawn and back out to the road. She was nervous but started to feel abit more confident the more times she did it : ) Yep, thats her car we bought her! As I said we needed a car in case we had to evacuate so we went out and got this one, it has a ton of miles on it but we like it. We had to put down $1.200 and pay $60.00 a week until it's paid off - We HATED the idea of having a car payment but I feel alot safer. We hope to get the four hour drug & traffic class out of the way this week (she can take it on the computer) so she can take her permit test and get her out on the road - YIKES!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!