Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Crazy Times!!

Here we are at another Thursday....
Things are still crazy here but Kelly & I did finally finish and pass her 4 hour drug & traffic class needed before she can take her written permit test. The permit test is 20 questions on traffic signs & 20 questions on traffic laws. She has NOT picked up the driving book to go over these things yet : ( I'm really trying to keep her moving on this and get her out there and driving!
I tell you I was getting worried yesterday I have been e-mailing the lawyer for days who is handling the wills and he wasn't getting back to me.... we had just liquified the ladies assets so he has control of over a million dollars right now at his finger tips and not hearing from him almost made me up-chuck. I tell you being an executor of a will is not easy it is gut wrenching at times.... I could not sleep last night so I shot him off another e-mail at 12:30am with my concerns and he finally wrote back this morning saying his work load is heavy and he was in court so he will no get to me until Monday or so.... I guess I should have expected that since he was paid a partial payment of his fee ($13,000), so now I am tossed to the back burner.
Also, Our horses broke out of the pen the other morning. Kelly & I drove around and around and could not find them (again thank God we have a car).
We went up to the black top road which has a bit more traffic just to make sure they weren't up there and sure enough there was a police officer, some ladies & my horses - YIKES! The lady who had them running in her yard was super wonderful, she said it was beautiful to watch them run and toss their heads and such. The lady actually drove her truck along side of us all the way back to our house so that she could drive me back to my car! There are still some wonderful people here on this earth : )
My husband is still working.... He has sooooo many issues I have to just leave all that in Gods hands because I am making myself sick over it all! I am a nervous eater and I have been packing on the pounds with all of his bull stink and it just makes me feel even worse about myself and I need to stop it. Dealing with the pre-menopaus also during all this has been terrible! Nobody really talks about how much it throws you on the ground and stomps on you!! I've been depressed enough with dealing with that and then all of my husband baloney just about puts me in the looney bin, but as they say this to will pass!! : )
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

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Fatcat said...

Donna, sometimes I think you and I might end up in the looney bin together!

Keep your chin up and don't let menopause get you down. If you can, get some Estroven or some other type of soy estrogen. It helps.