Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Day of January.....

Here we are at the last day of the month.
They are going by so fast lately I can't even keep up.
Yesterday Kelly and I stopped by a petting zoo/feed store by us - We so enjoy all the animals. I added a slide show of just some of the animals we saw & petted below - At one time we thought of adding a llama to our animals - Yikes!
I had one of those days yesterday where everything you try to get done nothing get accomplished - I went to Jackson Hewitt to get our taxes, I couldn't sign any papers needed my husbands license number, then I went to Walgreens to get my ink refilled - I forgot the inks at home, then I went to the food store and they were out of the item I went for....
Today is a new day! Hope everyone has a wonderful day : )

Curly's Place Petting Zoo

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Home School Mom

I wanted to share a link that you may have found already but it has been helpful for us:
Home School Mom

We did some schooling today, but my husband was home AGAIN today. When he is here we get very little done, It just seems to throw us off of our schedule.
Hope everyone is have a great day : )

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

~*Our Schedule*~

We had a really good day yesterday with our schooling.
We didn't get it all done because my son get's home a little after 1pm. so today I will have to wake Kelly up a bit earlier so we can start by 10:00am.
It's funny how here we are almost 6 months into this schooling year and we are just now hitting our stride : )
Here is "Our Schedule":

Bible: Reading chapters from our "Children's Bible"

Math: Still searching for a Math Program that works for Kelly

Language Arts: Spelling
Cursive Writting

History: American - Textbook - History of US"
Presidents & States - "The Complete Book of Presidents &States"
World - Textbook - "Story of the World Book 1
Current Events

Science: Textbook

Life Skills
Foreign Language

Monday, January 28, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Have a Great Sat.

Do you wonder where the weeks go????? I can't belive another one is gone and we are at the weekend already : (
Today is already busy here - My son is taking his SAT test and has to be there by 7:45am. I sure hope he does well, It really will depend if he can get the Bright Futures Scholarship which we are so counting on to help with getting him into the police academy.
Then later today or tonight we hope to go down to Daytona International Raceway and watch the Rolex 24 hour race It looks like it may rain so keep your fingers crossed that it holds off and we get to go.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Day.....

The one thing I am finding I don't like about homeschooling is that it is to easy for me to brush it off! Yesterday Kelly didn't feel well, the child stayed in bed until 12:30 and then took a shower and she felt a bit better but no homeschooling that day. Then today we started off really well, Kelly was doing the questions for one of the "Magic Tree House Books" we them moved over to spelling - We are using the new site "Spelling city" to see if that will help with the retaining the words a bit more. Then I saw I had e-mails I had to answer which then my mind shifted to work and before I knew it school work was over and we were ripping the house apart looking for the charger for the cell phone..... I hate that! Oh well tomorrow is another day : )

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Peaceful Sunday

I got up early this morning to see my husband off, he is dropping off one of the puppies to her new home over in Tampa Bay, Florida. I was shocked that it was so cold this morning, I had to put the heat on to take the chill out of the house. The house at 10:30am is quiet, my husband is gone, my son went to church & Kelly is still sleeping, So seldom do I get a time like today where there is no noise in the house : )
My husband is off of work tomorrow & my son doesn't have any school due to the hoilday, I may try and slip in some schooling for Kelly though.
I had gotten this book "Making the GRADE Everything Your 6th Grader Needs to Know" It has some nice ideas in it to help cover some of the topics for 6th grade.
I am still pretty stummped on how to present information to Kelly that will allow her to retain it. An example of how quickly info. goes in and out - We were working on Noah and the ark, A little while later I asked her "What was the name of the man who built the ark"? She could not remember it. Her spelling - We work on spelling through out the week doing different things with the words, She will do okay on the test but then the next week she will go back to spelling the word the way she had done incorrectly in the past. I just am not seeing very much retaining of the information we are working on at all. When she was in public school they labled her with a learning disability and gave her an IEP but they were never able to pin point what her learning disablitity is. She is not disruptive or antsy during our lessons, she listens when I read to her. She hates to read, doesn't care to draw, doesn't give much effort into writting anwers to questions, so it has been a struggle to find what will work for her but I am still trying.....
If you have any ideas or tips just e-mail them to me at I would love to read your ideas.
Enjoy your Sunday & Go Giants!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Looking for cheap Magic Tree House Books

Do any of you know where I can buy used cheap copies of the Magic Tree House Books? My library does have them BUT I am finding that I need to put another $10.00 in gas when I get back from there, and with the pace Kelly goes with the books I think it is better to buy them if I can find them cheap.
If you have any ideas you can e-mail me:
The books we have so far are 1-4 and the space book, Kelly got for Christmas. I just had to add this picture of the two most special people in my life : ) My son Kristopher and my daughter Kelly, they hate having pictures taken of them but I MADE them this year....
Have a great day!

Stopping the Stressing

We have been chugging along the past few days... I have really stopped stressing about Kelly's progress and just take it for what it is and work with it. I was really worried that Kelly was still working on Magic Tree House books when everything I have read she should be reading much more advanced books, but I now figure heck, as long as she is reading the more advanced stuff will come with time.
I am really trying different ideas to help with her retaining the information we have worked on..... I start each subject by going over what we had done the day before just to refresh her memory. I do see such a difference when she goes to bed by 10 then the nights she goes at 11 though. I have also stopped stressing about getting schooling done in the morning, We now get to it when we get to it - I just make it clear to Kelly that if we start later in the day which she seems to work better with that we still have to get done what we need to cover even though it will run into the time my son get's home from school.
I just am enjoying homeschooling so much more now that I am seeing Kelly for Kelly! Sometimes you just have an awakinging about something and it makes everything more clear : )

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Raising Sea Monkey's & Tryops.....

We had such a great day yesterday with school work, the day just purred along. Then today my best made plans went right out the window (I really find if I don't totally work on the day's schedule the night before we kinds flip flop along). When we got to Zoology the chapter we are now on covers crustations - We have sea monkey's & tryops to grow. We had problems finding tanks for them but we found some make-shift tanks and we now have the water setting, tomorrow we are adding the eggs - I sure hope they grow and we don't kill them! Kelly used to have 2 hermit crabs but they had died (she really enjoyed them as pets) I hope to get another one for her.
Hope you all enjoy the day : )

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, Hitting the books : )

While I was watching the New York Giant's football game I went over our school schedule - I am going to follow Cindy Downes , her website really has a wealth of information - Everytime I go there I find something new : ) I think Kelly even though she was complaining last night is actually ready to get back to the books.
I hope everyone has a productive day!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday - Getting ready....

We have been off of school WAY to long!!!!!!
I am organizing for the up-coming week and to be honest I don't have the same zest I have had in the past. I am just really finding it hard to balance work & homeschooling. It seems now a days my mind has to be in a million places which takes away from my focus of planning the school day correctly. Of course my not being happy with our curriculum and changing it often just doesn't help either!
When I was looking at the left side of this blog and clicked on their curriculum it just showed me how on track some moms are "Prairie Girls"
My husband is also upset about how much time Kelly spends on the computer, She has said if she had friends from school she would be on the phone with them, instead she has computer friends that she "talks" to. Being that with no car most of the time and of course no gas money anyway we don't get to go to homeschool outings or activities so it is just her and I all day every day she needs to be able to "talk" with other kids so I really don't find anything wrong with it (of course I keep an eye on what sites she is on - the computer is in the livingroom). My husband said today "Maybe we should think of sending her back to school then if she feels she has no friends" - Yikes! I say no way!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blogging Topics

Well I have decide we won't start back to school until monday : )
I am still all over the place and not ready to sit down yet and dig in, I had hoped to dabble in some work this week, but it has been one thing after another and it has been placed on the back burner.
I read a comment on one of my favorite blogs "Home School Home" about a mom who is upset when she finds blogs that are "Homeschooling" blogs and they don't talk about the topic much - It seems I have fallen into the category! Most of my posts lately are about our troubles of late. I don't have seperate blogs for other topics just this one blog which I post about everything here. Maybe I am wrong in doing that, but I personally like reading about other homeschoolers joys, problems, animals, houses, health issues ect. I find I feel like I know my blogging buddies better : ) but having said that I will try and get back on topic and post a bit more about Homeschooling.....

My new favorite quote is by Albert Einstein he said, "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What A Day!!!!!!

What a day!
Today has been a strain for the the new positive me.....
I sold a litter of puppies this weekend, It was so uplifting to be able to pay some of our bills and get them current! I could just feel the weight being lifted from my shoulders : )
BUT then things started to happen.......
First FPL sent me a letter saying since our last few bills have been late they are now charging us by adding another $161.00 to our deposit! If you remember I just got $200.00 from our Human Resource Center to help us get caught up : (
Then when my husband went to go to work today the van broke down, It needs a new radiator $635.79
Kelly has been struggling with a toothache, We went today to have the tooth checked out. She needs a root canal : ( This dentist does not do root canals or extractions the closest location that will accept Medicaide (Both of my kids have been inrolled in the Medicaide program) is up in Jacksonville. They told me I would need to get there around 7am. get in line and they start taking patients at 10am! I can not imagine being able to make our way up there in the first place my car would not make it. They told me that if I go to a dentist around here for the root canal it may cost up to $800.00! They gave her penicilin & pain medication for now. I am not sure what we will be able to do about the tooth - It really is so frustrating not being able to get her all fixed up....
They day is not over yet but it sure has been a draining day!!!!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Toothache & Electric Company Pains

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! To tell you the truth I really don't even know what day of the week or weekend it is - I have really lost track of the days since we have been off of school so long.....
We haven't been able to have much fun this "girls Only" weekend, Kelly has a nasty toothache which is getting worse and worse. The poor thing has been taking chewable Motrin (she just can't seem to swallow a pill yet) and rubbing Oregel on it to help ease the pain : ( I feel terrible for her, It had really started a few days ago so I knew it was going to keep building up until she will really be in agony. Last night she threw up and looks white so I am sure the infection is getting worse - I have to wait till my husband get's home with some of the puppy money before we can afford to go to a dentist. Times like these are when I really fell like I am letting her down! I did get in the mail notification that the kids quailify for Medicade (I have to call up and pick a plan, and doctor - I just hope there is some doctors in this area that accept it). I will try and call on Monday and see if they can help me get Kelly in to fix the tooth somewhere.... Also the next kicker is: I got a letter for Florida Power and Light - Since I have been late with a number of payments they are charging me another $161.00 to add to our deposit that they already have! We just received recently from our local human resource center $200.00 to help us get caught up and now they are adding this on. I am going to call to see how much we already have in our deposit - I think they can only hold enough to cover one bill, What makes me mad is they must have just gotten the payment from the resource center at the end of December and figured they would sock it to us!
It sure has been a tough start to a new year already : (

Friday, January 4, 2008

Starting a New Year : )

I always enjoy starting a New Year - I think it has some special qualities for a few weeks anyway.....
We for sure are NOT back to school work yet!!!!! It is a bit crazy here this week and my mind has been on that. I have 4 pups going to their new homes this weekend up north and I had to get everything ready for that trip. Kelly & I are staying home so we will have some mom & daughter time this weekend : ) I plan on getting back to the grind on Monday (maybe) - My guys are going to be gone till late Monday so maybe Kelly and I will just savor the relaxing time before we go back to normal life.
It sure has been cold here in Florida!!!!!! Extremely cold!!!! 29 degress one morning, that's crazy for Florida. Thank goodness that is passing and a bit warmer temps. are coming back (I just can't stand the cold weather anymore).
Hope you all are enjoying 2008 - Let's make it a GREAT one!