Friday, January 18, 2008

Stopping the Stressing

We have been chugging along the past few days... I have really stopped stressing about Kelly's progress and just take it for what it is and work with it. I was really worried that Kelly was still working on Magic Tree House books when everything I have read she should be reading much more advanced books, but I now figure heck, as long as she is reading the more advanced stuff will come with time.
I am really trying different ideas to help with her retaining the information we have worked on..... I start each subject by going over what we had done the day before just to refresh her memory. I do see such a difference when she goes to bed by 10 then the nights she goes at 11 though. I have also stopped stressing about getting schooling done in the morning, We now get to it when we get to it - I just make it clear to Kelly that if we start later in the day which she seems to work better with that we still have to get done what we need to cover even though it will run into the time my son get's home from school.
I just am enjoying homeschooling so much more now that I am seeing Kelly for Kelly! Sometimes you just have an awakinging about something and it makes everything more clear : )


Mrs. Darling said...

My daughter is 11 and Id be happy if she'd read anything on her own!:) Your right, your daughter will do just fine.

FatcatPaulanne said...

My 11 year old daughter's favorite things to read are Junie B. Jones books. She recently has been reading a more difficult series, Warriors, because her friend talked her into it. Each one takes her about a month!