Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday - Getting ready....

We have been off of school WAY to long!!!!!!
I am organizing for the up-coming week and to be honest I don't have the same zest I have had in the past. I am just really finding it hard to balance work & homeschooling. It seems now a days my mind has to be in a million places which takes away from my focus of planning the school day correctly. Of course my not being happy with our curriculum and changing it often just doesn't help either!
When I was looking at the left side of this blog and clicked on their curriculum it just showed me how on track some moms are "Prairie Girls"
My husband is also upset about how much time Kelly spends on the computer, She has said if she had friends from school she would be on the phone with them, instead she has computer friends that she "talks" to. Being that with no car most of the time and of course no gas money anyway we don't get to go to homeschool outings or activities so it is just her and I all day every day she needs to be able to "talk" with other kids so I really don't find anything wrong with it (of course I keep an eye on what sites she is on - the computer is in the livingroom). My husband said today "Maybe we should think of sending her back to school then if she feels she has no friends" - Yikes! I say no way!

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Mrs. Darling said...

I think that is a common cry of homeschool kids but really I dont think your daughter will grow up any worse for not having scads of friends. When I was girl me and my sisters grew up totally alone, that is without friends, in an old farmhouse high on the mountain. None of us have been marred by that experience. We lived in that same house from the time I was 7 to the time I left at 21. Your daughter will be just fine. I know though that its hard not to worry about stuff like that.