Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, Hitting the books : )

While I was watching the New York Giant's football game I went over our school schedule - I am going to follow Cindy Downes , her website really has a wealth of information - Everytime I go there I find something new : ) I think Kelly even though she was complaining last night is actually ready to get back to the books.
I hope everyone has a productive day!


Cindy Downes said...

I'm glad the schedule is helpful to you. Remember, you can get done in 2 hours what they do all day at school! Cindy Downes

sunshineperri said...

thanks for the website...i can't wait to explore and implement it into my school day.

I also like hearing about everyone's daily life, not just homeschool info.

I hope you had a great first day back.