Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wild Pigs

These are the wild pigs which have been making our life a living hell!! We have had the police at our house a number of times because the neighbors our saying that the pigs are ripping up their yards and they think we own them. Ever person I have contacted to take them away wants to kill them. We have had boys running on our property trying to grab a pig or two even tho I have told them to stay off our property. They even used pepper spray on the pigs and were smoking in my goat pen which is full of hay - Yikes! The boys took down part of our horse fence I guess to get a four wheeler in there to make catching the pigs easier for them. We even found a butcher knife at the gate to ou horse pen, so we aren't sure what that is all about but we have had to worry about the horses too. It's just been crazy! I hate to even go out to town any more because as soon as they see the car go it seems stuff happens. Kelly was home alone one day when three boys just a tick younger than her were on our property - in the front yard no less. The boys are so brazen and not afraid of anything, the police office told me to call them when I see them in our yard but to be honest by the time the officer would get here they would be gone.... Anyway, my stress level has been on high alert.
Never a dull day I guess!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013