Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 2 - Vacation Time Yet.....

Back to the grind stone... It sure is hard this year getting back to school work!
I wanted to ask all of you, What have you used to teach the States?
Last year we covered a number of countries using "Galloping the Globe" (which I enjoyed) and this year I would like to go over the United States.
Also, Anyone find a "free" curriculum that covers current history? I am using History of Us book 10 & Story of the World but am open to some ideas.
We are moving along very slowly - Math being the biggest hurdle AGAIN this year. Kelly & I had talked a lot about how important the basic math is and how any type of job she gets will need math so I thought it would go a bit better this year but she still whines ever time I mention math : (

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day Back...

Our first day back to school went well : )
I was very disorganized and not prepaired but we still moved along. We started at 12:00 and went to 2:15, not very long but we got everything covered.
We were up and down all night thou, Our cat who is about 18yrs. old was so sick last night. I thought it might be it for him, but this morning he is still with us and has had a bit of food & water so who knows.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The School Bell Will Be Ringing Tomorrow : )

Even though I am soooo not ready for school we will be starting tomorrow.
Here I am sitting here blogging I could be getting our day ready for tomorrow, but no - blowing that off.... They say the education is only as good as the teacher - Yikes!
Anyway, Great Nascar race last night! I would love to go and see a race at Bristol. Kasey Kahne finished 5th.! I can not belive how into racing I am this year... I even follow it on twitter & facebook - Yikes!
It has been sooooooo crazy hot here in Florida, and the knats are all over the place! You really can't be outside for very long at all. We can't even use the pool because the water is just so hot it isn't refreshing at all.
Well I am going to try and get my butt moving on getting a plan worked out for tomorrow.... I did find this great looking science or health curriculum:
Kelly nixed the idea of using it but it looks interesting to me....
I really should have talked more with Kelly before I got all excited over the direction I wanted to go in this year.... It would have saved me a chunk of money!
You would think with this being our almost 5th year homeschooling I would have it down by now : (
I guess we will just use the typical course study for 9th grade from the World Book curriculum
Have a great day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

4 More Days Till School Starts - Yikes!

We are starting school in 4 days and I am soooo not ready!
I started planning for this year awhile ago and had a plan in my mind, I bought a few of the books I needed along the way since I knew we would be pressed for cash. Now that we are facing the new school year I am staring at this stuff and questioning the direction I wanted to head... We were going to start back at the begining for Kelly's 9th grade history but when I spoke to her about this she was all upset she would rather stick with the more current history and move ahead (we covered up to World War II this year). In thinking back to my school days I can hardly remember ever covering the more current history each year we always ran out of the school year before we finished it. Soooo I am now thinking of starting off from where we left off and work from there - We will be off of the regurlar 9th grade schedule of history but I think it may be more of what Kelly will interested in at this point.
I still also struggle with getting this kid just up to speed on a number of basic subjects so I need to just step back and get her going on the basics and then head into other more demanding subjects....
Can you tell I'm not ready for this school year? Yikes!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Any Nascar Fans Out there?

Back in July we had gone over to Daytona Raceway to see the Nascar practice. I tell you, I have gone Nascar nuts this year! Any of you into Nascar? My favorite driver is Kasey Kahne.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello : )

Hello there fellow blogging buddies,
I have missed you all!
I have been spedning some time today looking over your blogs - I have missed so much! It seems like we just took off for our summer break and here we are back to business again...
We will be starting back on Aug. 23rd. (that's when our public school starts back also). I know it is hard to belive but Kelly has been actually hounding me to get us back to school work! I on the other hand am not ready to even think of school ; ( I am still in that lala land type mode.
Well I'm off to read some more of your past blog posts, Have a great day!