Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Hate Guns!

What a day!
A neighbor down the street pulled over and took a pistol out and shot one of the wild pigs that have taken up residence at our house! I was outside reading when this happened and ran over to him screaming at him. He told me the pigs ran out in front of his van and he hit it. Now I was sitting out there I heard no brakes, no thumps, nothing - He just shot that pig! The poor thing was screaming his head off, the bullet hit him but didn't kill him - He was suffering. The guy picked the pig up by his legs and was going to toss him into his van. Kelly had joined me and told the guy to let the pig go but the guy didn't, he said the pig isn't going to make it. I asked the guy if he had a permit for that gun, I can't stand that everyone around here has guns! The jackass had his pitbull mix dog in the van can you imagine putting a bleeding pig in a van with a pitbull! Gosh Dam, How rotten can people be!!!!! Sometimes I just HATE people!!!!!
I feel so sick about it all, people are so quick to take a life : (
Until Next Time - God Bless!