Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scary Story To Tell You!

Since my husband's unemployment check still did not come in and I had called the food stamp people to see if they have "emergency food stamps" - the gal said no. She told me it takes at least 30 days to process my application then they will get in touch with me for the required documents that we may need to send in and since it wasn't 30 days yet from when I started my application (Feb. 2) she couldn't help me. When I told her we have been living with no money coming in for 23 days she didn't really belive me, she said you have had no income coming in then who is covering your living expenses? I said we aren't, the phone will be shut off any day now and the electricity bill was due on Monday, that's why I wanted to touch base with them since I won't be able to spend a half hour on hold at the convience store pay phone waiting like I had to yesterday to talk to them. She said the only thing to do was go to the food banks and get food from them.....
SOOOOO my husband and I headed down town to the food bank at a local church - Kelly stayed home (yesterday was our 24th wedding anniversary, what a way to spend it). All of a sudden I had this terrible sick feeling come over me, wasn't sure what it was. When we got home Kelly told me a story that made my hair stand up on my arms. She was on the computer with her ear phones on when the dogs started barking crazy, they were looking out the big front window barking. She thought it was us that we had gotten home already she opened the curtain and looked out and she said a man was standing there in our yard staring at the window petting our goats!!!!!!! She said she jumped away from the window and hid from his sight. People around here don't just go on other people's property, most have gates and as I have said in past post NONE of my neighbors are friendy or people you would ever think of wanting to hang with. She did not recognize this man at all (we don't see people during the day, the only car we see most days is the mail man). She said there was no car in the driveway either, but she was to scared to look out the window again to follow him to see which way he went.... We got home a short while after this happend and tell you I now know why I felt sick - It was my mommy intuition! My husband looked all over but the only thing he saw was our mailbox was open with mail in it (my son's income tax check was sitting in there) & He saw large cowboy boot prints walking down the road which could have been the person's but it was hard to follow where they went. There were no goat prints on the road so it could not have been someone who saw them loose and wanted to let us know (the goats have been loose before and no one really cares except for the cranky neighbor and they were all at work). Then I thought maybe it was a guy to shut off something but he would have had a van or truck and Kelly didn't see any but wasn't sure if he might have had one on the road (but I am sure she would have heard it pull away if there was one). Isn't this the kind of story that just gives you the creeps? I just sat down and thanked God for keeping Kelly safe! She doesn't really know what the guy looked like because it caught her so off guard seeing a man standing in the yard but my husband called his working buddy and it wasn't him either so we have no idea what this fellow was doing in our yard but praise the lord for those darn dogs barking there brains out! Needless to say Kelly is NOT staying home alone again.... To be honest this kind of thing is my worst nightmare even if I was home, the police can not make it out to us very quickly.... really scary to think about.

Please give your kids a big hug and kiss and tell them you love them & Have a great day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Down & Out in Sunny Florida : (

Here we are at Sunday already!
The weekend is crusing by so quickly...

Things are getting a bit crazy here, We still have not gotten my husband's first unemplyoment check! He got laid off from work on Feb. 2nd. and filled on the 4th., We have not heard from food stamps either. I can not tell you how stressful going 22 days with out getting any kind of money coming in is. I pray that his check is in Monday's mail but the real kicker is I was planning on using that check to pay the electric bill (We are supposta be getting $203.00 a week from unemployment and the electric bill is $236.67), but since we haven't gotten any food stamps I may need to use the money for food and pray something comes through before they shut the electric off (It was due on the 16th so we haven't gotten the shut off notice yet). We did get the shut off notice for the cable/internet/phone - 3 to 5 days from now they will turn off the use of them, by March 2nd. if we can't pay by then they are shutting us off by the pole which I am guessing they will charge us a fee to have them come out to turn it back on when every we can do that). So as you can see things are pretty bleak here.... and to top it off my husband is not feeling well. He is having trouble swallowing, he says it feels like a lump in his throat. He hasn't been eating much and has no energy at all. We don't have a dime available for him to go to the doctors so I sure hope this passes....

We have taken the past few days off from schooling around Kelly's birthday. It sure was nice just being mom & daughter and not teacher/student. I have to work on getting things together for the up coming week now that we won't be having the computer. For Zoology we were filling out a worksheet for each animal we studied which was fun. I guess she will have to draw a picture of the animal instead of printing one out now. It is amazing though on how much of my homeschooling I rely on the computer.... epecially since I have been leaning towards more unit studies like Cindy's and her How do I teach blog. Who knows maybe without the computer & tv Kelly may settle right into school work and enjoy it - NOT!

I'll post as often as I can, not sure once they shut it off how often we will be able to go down town to the library to check my mail and read your blogging posts since money is so tight now....

If you could send some prayers our way I would really appreciate it!

God Bless You All And Have A Wonderful Week!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Here We Are At Friday....

We had a storm roll through yesterday which put a damper on Kelly's Birthday Adventure, We didn't leave the house all day : (
Kelly & I played her playstation wrestling game for awhile which we had fun with but that was about it.
Later in the evening my son's girlfriend came over and the five of us made alittle party - It was nice. I had made a cake from a box mix and boy was it lousey.
Kelly got some really nice gifts from my son & his girlfriend - Annie got Kelly a beautiful saddle blanket and a new harness for the bit. Kristopher got her a singing birthday balloon, and a hand held game system I forget the name of it (It's the one Carrie Underwood is playing on her tour bus in the commercial) with a horse game to go with it. Those two things were very expensive, I asked him why he spent so much on her gifts and he said "Mom when I was growing up you guys got me everything, Kelly get's nothing because you never have any money so I want to make her birthday special for her". I was sad that even he sees how jipped Kelly is, not just in presents and things like that but in trips, family outings ect. We used to do a ton of things now we don't even leave the house. I am happy to know that he has such a loving heart though!
Then she opened our gift, $5.00 pair of ear phones for the computer. We cleaned her room and my husband promised her he would paint it yesterday but that never happened. He has tried a color he had on her wall but it looked awful so he told her he was going out to buy a blue color for her but now he is saying we don't have the money....
So that was the day my baby turned 14 years old!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My baby turns 14 today!!!!!!

My baby turns 14 today!!!!!!
How quickly the years have gone by..... How can she be 14!
It's sad to say but Kelly's growing up years have been a blur for me, We have moved 3times, the first time only 3 months after she was born which took up alot of my attention at the time which I wish now I had spent more time with her then - even pictures of her are so few compaired to my son : ( She sure is one heck of a daughter and person, We sure are blessed to have her!
Since money is so tight this year for one of her presents I cleaned her room top to bottom last night. We tossed out three garbage bags full of stuff and have one bag going to salavation army, Of course with the horse saddles in there it still looks cramped but better. She has picked out a blue paint color and my husband is going to buy it today and paint it for her, he figures it will take only one gallon to finish the room. Then I want to buy her a new pillow and maybe a sheet set for her bed to freshen evrything up - We will see if I have enough founds to do it.
I am making the cake today too, We only have a small gift for her (ear phones to use on the computer). We had hoped to take her on a walking trail with a packed lunch today but it looks like it will be raining : (
I tell you give a big bear hug & kiss to your children today, In a wink of an eye the baby stages are all gone and before you will be a little lady/man standing there and you will wonder where did all that time go!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wed. On The Homefront

Good Morning!

One more day until my baby turns 14 years old! I bought a cake mix to make her a cake. Still not sure what we will do tomorrow....

My son has found peace with his decision to not go to the police academy. He now is looking into becoming a Winn Dixie dept. manager. His boss was overjoyed when he told her of his plans, She has raved to me in the past when I had gone in there that he has over reached all expectations she had of him when she hired him. He will be moving to the first full time position that comes available and work his way up from there. At least he has a new plan, I think this is more in line with his personality and he should do very well with it.

We still haven't heard back from the Food Stamp agency yet.. or gotten his first unemployment check yet either. The electric bill was due on Monday so I guess by this weekend we will be getting the shut off notice. I hope to use the unemployment check to pay that bill $236.00, the problem is since we haven't heard back from the food stamps if I use all of the unemployment money for that we may not have any food money....
I am getting a number of Florida gardening books out from the library to see if I can get a garden going this year. I say it ever year but this year we really need it. The goats have been very good lately and have stayed in their pen but I will still have to really enclose it to protect it from them if they do get out. So many of the gardens I see down here just don't do well because of the heat & too much sun. One neighbor uses a tarp over his garden which is an idea, but I am thinking of putting our garden on the north side of the house which get's a bit of shade that may help it from drying up so quickly. Anyway, that is my new project to keep my mind from going crazy with our no money no job issues.

My son did get a e-mail from the wrestling compnay that they will return him the $40.00 in 5 to 15 days, So that is one good thing : )

Well I hope everyone has a great day today.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How Quickly Things Change.....

My son went last night after work down to the college to hear about his Police Academy class and what is expected of him. First off I had called yesterday morning to verify with them that since he hasn't gotten his finacle aid money yet he would not be able to buy the uniform that he needed to buy last night - They told me they would talk to the finacle aid lady and get it strightend out with her. Well sure enough all the other 30 men there were able to buy their uniform but my son.... he talked to the guy and he said they don't accept finacle aid. My son didn't have enough ($322.00) to cover the bill, the guy told him that he was now unsure when my son would be able to get his stuff certainly not for the first few classes. You have to know my son to know that this kinda thing puts him over the edge - He likes to have everything perfect and run smoothly. He listen to the speaker about the class and he is told you are only allowed to miss three hours of class total over the 9 month period, even if there is a death in the family they only give you a few extra hours for that. If you fail a test you get one chance to try again if you don't pass that one you are out of the class. If you don't have your uniform on you get points off even the first day. They said out of the 30 men there maybe 5 will actually pass the class.... All this has thrown my son for a loop!!!! I really wish they had this meeting earlier so everyone would have a better feel for what they were getting into. He is now rethinking if he wants to go to the class, he feels the stress of just knowing you only have three hours to play with is stressing him out terribly let alone how hard the tests are and having to pass them and working 35 hours at Winn Dixie. I listend to him talk all last night, In my gut I always felt that police work just isn't him but he really wanted to give it a go (that and the police are the only people hiring around us). I told him to think long and hard last night on what he feels he wants to do (he only has today to sign up for the police academy), He already bought the books for the class ($75.00) and was taking notes so he would be ready so I know this is a major let down for him but I always feel you have to go with your gut and I can see his gut is telling him don't go. I just hope it all works out for him!

Monday, February 16, 2009


My son is just surprizing me by the things he has been doing lately, First the whole treasure hunt type thing/kitten for his girlfriend for Valentine's day. I had forgotten to mention he also had bought me a large heart box of candies....(my husband gift to me was a few bottles of diet pepsi). Then last night he decided to surprize Kelly with ordering the "No Way Out" pay for view wrestling match for her 14th birthday present (her birthday isn't until the 19th). They love that kinda thing so Kelly was really happy! When the time came to watch we huddled around the computer and would you belive we couldn't sign in to watch it.... They don't have a phone number to call for problems just an online help person which we did and of course the time was ticking away and we were missing the matches : ( The girl just could not help us (I don't know why they just can't send you a link to click and watch - It would be sooo much easier). We asked for the $40.00 back that my son had paid, the girl said we had to send an e-mail - Yikes! We did, then they sent back a kind of automated e-mail saying they will send us an e-mail if they find it necessary in a day or so. I just hate it when you can't get in touch with a company in person!!!!! Anyway, to say the least Kelly was so disappointed! It just seems like this poor girl can not get a brake with anything.... Her brother was apologizing to her that now he spent the birthday money he had for her present and now she has nothing to show for it : ( I sure hope we get his $40.00 back!!!!!

I found a GREAT Unit Study Webpage It has a ton of info. on it and looks very helpful. I hope to go more into that direction with Kelly, Just picking a topic and going with it.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day today!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines's Day Revisited

Here is a picture of the SnowShoe Siamese kitten my son gave his girlfriend, Isn't she just the cutest? (Of course her eyes are not red, they are kinda blueish)
Valentine's day turned out nothing like my son had hoped : (
His girlfriend came over and went through the property and found the balloons & candy he had hidden, then they came inside and he gave her the kitten. She LOVED it! She was so happy and excited. Then they took the kitten to her house (you know me I was sad to see it leave). Well her mother made such a stink over it! Saying that she would now need to pick either her dog or the kitten - One had to go.... My son said that the mother just blew the wonderful day they were having. The mother carried on so much she made my son's girlfriend cry : ( Even saying that the kitten wasn't a purebred Siamese! Who says those kind of things in front of the person who gave the gift... When they came back over to our house both of them looked like they had been punched in the stomach, just so sad especially when her parents had told her she could get a kitten. Soooo it looks like we might get her dog because her mother says she will take it to the pound when my son's girlfriend goes to work on Monday. I have meet alot of crazy people in my life but this lady tops the cake!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!
Hope everyone has a fantastic day today with their loved ones.

I have to mention the day my son has planned for his girlfriend. He has been working on a scavenger type hunt in our back property for her to find her gifts... It looks like fun and something I would have loved on Valentine's day. He has hearts with balloons attached & candy and a few other little things but the big present at the end of the hunt is a snowshoe siamese kitten! I have to take a picture of her before she leaves, what a cutie and of course has my heart already. She was the last one left available in the litter that my son & I took a look at last night. We were both glad that we did not have to "pick one", I always have trouble looking into the eyes of the ones that are left.... We sure can't wait to she my son's girlfriend's reaction when she finds this gift.
As for us - no plans for today, I do hope to get down to the Dollar General store to buy Kelly a heart of candy.

I do want to mention how wonderful "Blogging" can be.... It allowes you to find other people in your same situation that can most times help or comfort you, weither it's homeschooling problems, money problems, weight problems ect.. I recently received a wonderful e-mail from one of my blogging buddies Cindy Downes she really helped uplift me with that e-mail! So may times you feel alone with a problem but if you share it and put it out there for others to read then just maybe someone else will be able to give you new incite on the problem or offer ideas & tips on how to make it better. I know some feel that depressing/complaining blogs are better left unwritten, I don't. I think it is a wonderful way for many of us to share our good with our bad which is just the way life goes....
I really do appreciate all of my "Blogging Buddies"! Long live "Blogging" : )

Thursday, February 12, 2009


We got the notice today that my husband's amount he will be getting for unemployment is $203.00 (I thought that was going to be the amount but sure was hoping for more!). I don't know how they think a family can actually live on that amount but that's what we are delt so I have to just deal with it.
My husband went job hunting yesterday and found a possible one but it is pretty far away and it doesn't start until after March sometime, with gas prices creeping back up I think this may not work out but he is keeping all possiblities open.

I sold our Apologia Astronomy book - Yea! What a blessing that is, I mailed it off this morning. I hated to see the book go but we will make do with the other ones we have.

It sure has gotten hot here in Florida! What flip flop weather we have been having! Just last week with the wind chill we were facing 19 degrees now we are hitting 80 degress.

Have a great day : )

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Only Tuesday

Good Tuesday Morning!
I am up earlier then usual, the horse and dogs must hear something outside and they just won't settle down so here I am up at 4:30am - Yikes!

Not much new here, No job yet for my husband.... Since my husband's boss told him that is was only temporary, he keeps thinking each week he will call.... Yesterday, he said he was going to get a tire fixed at around 3:00pm and we didn't see him again until 8pm! He was hanging out with these bunch of guys who sit around all day and drink beer : ( I told him we were just getting ready to send out a search party for him and he just shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anything. He has projects around the house that he could be doing so it really get's on my nervous that he thinks it's okay to be spending money on beer...

School work is going real slow!!!!! I am trying to settle my brain down from thinking of ways to save money (We still haven't implemented any of my ideas yet!) and get back to planning our school week. It is hard enough to get Kelly to remember what she is learning on a normal day but now things are worse knowing that her father has no job and the bills just keep coming in. Her biggest fear it to loss the internet & honestly I need it too, writting to you guys is my only outlet. Anyway, I gave up on Astronomy (I am going to sell the apologia book to make some money for bills), Kelly knows the basics of it and she really doesn't have any interest in it like I do so we will move on. I am really hoping to focus on Zoology 3 and do work pages on each animal we cover since she just LOVES all kinds of animals.
This is us: A few streets over from us yeaterday there was a massive amount of police cars at this one house, not sure why they were there but our first thought is are the poodles we see sitting out in the yard okay? We are nuts that way! I keep hoping & praying that school work finally kicks in for Kelly but she really has me worried, what will this child do for a job if her learning skills are so low. I mean math is like pulling teeth with her and we are still only working on divison problems. The one area she is doing a bit better on is reading, she LOVES the Geronima Stilton series of books and actually spends a bit of time reading them!

I did start a Frugal Families group on yahoo for families in our area like us who are struggling during these tough times. I have 13 people who have signed up, not to many yet but I hope more do. I thought it would be a good idea for people to be able to share ideas & tips on where to buy the cheapest food, cut bills ect. It gives me something else to think about anyway.

Did I mention that I dropped one of my library books and it has a major stain on the cover? I am in hot water now.... the rest of the book is not touched so I am hoping when I return they let me slide on it..... that seems to be the way my week is going already : (

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Week Is Over - Yea!

Good Saturday Morning to ya!

Yesterday sure was an eye opener for my husband, He went out looking for a job and he said there just isn't any..... nothing. He picked up his last check and the boss said he was trying to find work but nothing is showing up. The reality of it all is starting to sink in. This is the last bit of money we will have until the unemployment checks start coming in (which of course who knows how long that will be with our luck), they say three weeks. I also signed up for food stamps, they said I should hear back from them in 10 days. It really goes to show that you MUST have a little emergency money lying around for cases like this, which of course we don't. It really is scary not knowing what is ahead. I pray that we get enough food stamp money to feed us for a good chunk of the month because we will need to use the (hopefully) $200.00 a week for bills (electric/car insurance/phone/internet/cable). As I mentioned the internet & cable are things we can get rid of. When filling out the food stamps they asked me what my son makes which I put down, I just hope they don't figure that as money we use since it goes to his car payment....
I hate to keep asking but if you could send some prayers our way that this all works out I would really appreciate it!

On to other news, my son picked up his books for the Police Academy - YIKES! they sure look hard. They have to learn so much about the different laws that are very technical. Lots of vocabulary too, He is reading them over before he starts just so he get's a feel for what he will need to learn. This sure is a big undertaking, I just hope he can balance this and working 35 hours at Winn Dixie.

On a happy note: I saw the most beautiful cardinal you will ever see! I was feeling depressed about everything when I went outside there he was, his color was the redest I have ever seen. He looked like he was glowing, that's how red he was. It took my breath away for a few minutes and then I ran into the house to get Kelly. She saw him but he had moved and wasn't in such a great spot for viewing. I also called my husband and he saw him too. It really made my day light up a bit : ) I just wished I had gotten a picture of him to show you all! I am going to keep an eye out for him, maybe he will come back.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sat.!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wooo Hooo It's Friday : )

Here we are at Friday morning, I will be glad when this week is OVER!

For one thing is is still darn cold here!!!! I can't wait for these low temps to pass. I hate the cold it just goes right through me and all I want to do is curl up in bed and pull the covers over my head which of course I can't do.

Yesterday would you belive my husband & I headed over to the feed store to buy horse food, when we went to leave the car wouldn't start.... I was so glad my husband was with me otherwize he would of thought I did something to the car. It looks like the battery is shot : (

Then I called my library to renew the books I have (I try and stay on top of this since the overdue costs could really add up with having so many books out). Would you belive they now tell me that you can only renew a book three times and then it needs to be returned. I asked the gal "When I bring the book in and the library checks it back in can I take it back out that same day"? and she said she thought so as long as no one is waiting for it.... I guess they have had trouble with people renewing because they can't find the book any more ect. but gosh this is going to be a pain the neck for me because we are using the "History Of Us" books as our history spine and we use them all the time. By the way my books were due back yesterday - 10 cents for every book every day it's late. I hope to get there today but with the car issues not sure.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday : )

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday - Where is Friday?

Good Thursday Morning!

It sure is DARN cold here in Florida this morning!!!!!!! We are having record breaking temps., they say this morning with the wind chill we are going to get to around 19 degress or lower in some places. Kelly and I bundled up the horses best we could last night prepairing them for this mornings hard freeze. We took a sleeping back and placed it on Chances back closing it with rubber bands and clips & Roper we borrowed an old horse blamket from my son's girlfriend (I just checked on the boys & Chances "coat" has fallen off). We don't even have winter coats....usually you only need them maybe one or two days a year here - You should of seen me last night in my hooded sweatshirt jacket putting on the horse blankets, I was freezing my butt off! I sure hope this kind of weather pass soon!!!!!!!

Yesterday I got my husband to fill out the info. for unemplyoment. I really think he was sitting back waiting for his boss to call him. When we filled it out his boss said to put only temeporary down - You should have seen the argument over that one! When we got to that point if you list temporary you have to have a date for when they are going to re-hire you (He has no idea if or when he will got back to work for this employer), He screamed at me that "WE ARE NOT PUTTING DOWN PERMENENT". I shut the computer down and walked away from it. Here I am only helping him and he is screaming at me, but of course if I don't do it it won't get done so I got it back going and we did finish it with putting permenent down. Then I filled out for food stamps, you need so much info. for that form, I was on there for a terribly long time. Hopefully we will get these two things up and running which will help. He has contacted all the places he knows for work, no one has anything right now - one guy said he has a big job starting sometime in March to check back then - YIKES! I have been searching the computer for food stamp living and found this "blog" the guy is living on $176.00 for the month but he is single. If anyone see any sites for really low cost living please pass them on to me.... (justme32110@yahoo.com)

Kelly's birthday is on the 19th., We had hoped to take her bowling & miniture golfing again this year (she had such a blast last year when we went with my son & his girlfriend). She says it was the last time she actually has had fun : ( But it looks like we won't be able to do that but I am thinking about packing a lunch & searching for some walking trails to do that may be fun (if it EVER warms up here). My baby turns 14 year's old - Before I know it she will be able to drive! I really miss the younger days, they grow up just to darn fast!

On the school front, I have to pass along a fantastic book to read if you are working on the Civil War time period: "Pink & Say" What a book!!!!! It's an easy reader but it soooo good. I do have to warn you it brings tears to your eyes when reading it. We are chugging along slowly, Kelly is still having a ton of trouble with basic math (if you have any ideas let me know). I figured out we have something like 20 more weeks left of school if we want to end when the public school here does. Time sure is flying by!
I do have to say we have been reading alot of books for our history curriculum and they are all starting to run together..... I think I need to cut down on the number and just shoot for the goodies : ) It's been tough having my husband home during school time, yesterday he napped so it worked out good.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes.....

It amazes me how quickly things change around here!
Yesterday I was feeling alittle like my old self, excited about schooling again, breathing easier that the bills were getting caught up a bit..... then my husband came home and said those words "I got laid off today"! And so it starts. His boss told him that he is trying his best to find work to put down that the lay off is only temporary on the unemployment application.... but whose to say how long temorary might be.
My husband has been trying to figure out how much unemployment he will be getting - The website says here in Florida the lowest amount is $34.00 and the highest amount is $250.00 that you can get. He is filing today, It takes awhile before you get this rolling. I will apply for food stamps today also, I read where they said 1 in 10 families here in Florida are on food stamps.
I just pray that this all works out : (

Monday, February 2, 2009

Here We Are At Monday Again : )

Good Monday Morning!
Hope everyone had a great "Super Bowl" weekend.
We picked up our income tax refund check on Wed. from H & R Block (If we paid an extra $21.00 we got it earlier then the 8 to 15 day wait). It felt sooooo good to have a bit of cash around again for a little while any way. Kelly & I went and paid our bills, the biggest being the 2007 property tax bill ($1008.00) ouch! But having the bills paid (not caught up belive or not) made my day. It is so much easier to breath when you aren't weighted down with major over due bills.

Having got that mess out of the way I hope to tackle school again. This past week has been alot of running down to town for the income tax a number of times which throws me all off our day. I just LOVE how Sheri over at Shades Of Pink throws together a school session, for example see her post:

..: The Saturdays:..

We are reading and studying The Saturdays over the next several weeks. Although the book is a Juvenile Fiction book (around ages 9-12) I feel that there is so much that can be learned through reading this book.

Chapter 1:

History: Hitler (Follow the links from this page to PDF on Hitler and his control)
History: Read "Auschwitz"

History: Read "Holocaust, the events and their impact on real people" watch the DVD and interviews
History: Watch "Paperclips"
Language Arts: Write a descriptive paragraph
Fine Arts: Bach and Tchaikovsky
Art: Pen and Ink drawings
Note!! D14 and M11 have each decided to learn a piece by Bach or Tchaikovsky. M11 is currently practicing Dance of the Sugar Plum fairies on her keyboards (I can hear it from here) and D14...guess what he picked? Toccata and Fugue by Bach (You can see it played on the electric guitar here)
Chapter 2:

History: Benjamin Franklin and bifocals: Read about his various inventions and write a short essay on one invention of your choice.

Geography: Paris, France
History: Lucrezia Borgia
Science: Coatimunids
Science: Camels
Fine Art: Visit a Fine Art Gallery
Fine Art: Cooking: making Petits Fours

I just find this way of pulling everything together great. I have to wonder if with Kelly's memory the way it is if by tying everything together in a lesson might not be a better way to go for her..... (I know here she goes again thinking of changing her school plans). I have found we have been covering alot of books with the BiblioPlan history we are using and she does get ALOT more out of that way of learning then by using workbooks/textbooks. I am going to get the books together for the unit study "Bears on Hemlock Mountain" and see where that takes us. I am also going to use Sheri's notebook idea, We are using lapbooks for both astronomy & zoology 3 (I do soooo much more work with that and I don't really think Kelly is getting that much from it) so I thought we would try just note booking in one book like she does for those subjects. I am also going to use Scott Foreman's grammer & writting I have really been slacking in that area! With getting the income tax money I was able to fill my printer/copier ink refills (only $5.00 each at Walgreens this past week) - Thank you Bunny for offering to do my printing for me, You are such a DOLL! I bought hay and horse feed on Sunday so we won't have to go out today so hopefully we will get in a nice day of learning : )
Hope you all have a wonderful day today!!!!!